Vajra Conqueror Dharani

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Vajra Conqueror Dharani

In the vast landscape of spiritual practices, where the profound echoes of silence and sound converge, we encounter the Vajra Conqueror (Sanskrit: Vajravidāraṇa; Tibetan: རྡོ་རྗེ་རྣམ་པར་འཇོམས་པ།, Dorje Namjom). This dharani, notable for its deep spiritual potency, stands as a beacon of transformative energy, conferred upon by Vajrapani through the blessings of Shakyamuni Buddha and the collective wisdom of bodhisattvas. As an embodiment of divine protection and the unspoken truths of the cosmos, it invites practitioners to immerse themselves in its sacred vibrations, offering a pathway to purification, karma cleansing, and the illumination of enlightenment.

Embodied in the figure of Vajravidarana, Vajrapani takes on a form that is both fearsome and compassionate, channelling the necessary energies to dispel obstacles and sickness. Classified under the Kriya Tantra tradition, this dharani is celebrated for its capacity to heal and purify, serving as a spiritual anchor for those seeking relief from the storms of life. Originating from the urgent need to alleviate the suffering of King Ajatashatru of Magadha, who faced grave consequences for his actions against his father, King Bimbisara, and his aggressive exploits, this text underscores the transformative power of forgiveness and spiritual recovery.

The Vajra Conqueror dharani is enriched by an extensive tradition of rituals and exegeses, spanning both the Indian and Tibetan cultural spheres. Its recitation is a cherished practice among Tibetan and Newar Buddhists, who rely on its profound energy for spiritual sustenance and protection. As we delve into this revered text, we are encouraged to do so with openness to its blessings and teachings, allowing its profound sounds to lead us on a journey towards wisdom, compassion, and the ultimate state of enlightenment.

This dharani not only opens a portal to spiritual freedom but also forges a connection with a lineage of awakened beings, inspiring us to develop a compassionate heart and align our actions with the greatest good. It explores the essential role of sound in the fabric of the universe, embarking on a quest into the depths of tantric wisdom, and issuing a call to awaken our limitless potential. In embracing the teachings of the Vajra Conqueror, let us allow its potent mantras to light our way, guiding our spiritual practice and life towards a haven of grace and ultimate liberation.

For those intrigued, I've shared above a one-hour recitation of the mantras, performed 21 times, drawn from my personal practice and intended to spread the blessings inherent in the sacred sounds and harmonics of the dharanis. This recitation includes imperfections, and I felt it was essential to share my journey, embracing the understanding that errors are a natural part of engaging with the dharma. Through this practice, we learn to release our grasp on the idea of perfection, instead opening ourselves to continuous improvement and learning as we navigate our life's path. I hope the sounds of this recitation inspire you in your own practices. It is advisable, of course, to seek out and learn from a qualified Lama, as this recording is not meant to serve as a definitive guide to perfect Sanskrit pronunciation or replace formal teachings.


The Power of Spiritual Absorption

Our journey begins with the Blessed One abiding in the state of vajra, a symbol of profound spiritual concentration and absorption. This state signifies the immense power of deep meditative practices to unlock spiritual capabilities and access a realm of unyielding strength and enlightenment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of dedication and consecration in embodying divine qualities and achieving a transformative spiritual state.


Consecration and Transformation

Vajrapāṇi, whose entire being is consecrated as vajra, exemplifies the transformative power inherent in spiritual practice. This transformation is not merely symbolic but illustrates the potential for human beings to achieve divine qualities through persistent dedication. It underscores the essence of vajra as invulnerable, indivisible, and indestructible, embodying the ultimate nature of reality and the unyielding strength of the enlightened mind.


The Power of Mantra and Universal Protection

Central to these teachings is the proclamation of the vajra essence through mantra, highlighting the belief in the transformative and protective power of sacred sounds and words. Mantras serve as a means to rout negative forces, protect beings, and fulfil desires, acting as a powerful tool to enact change in both the spiritual and material realms. The narrative conveys a message of universal protection and fulfilment, emphasizing the role of bodhisattvas in safeguarding and guiding all beings towards enlightenment.


The Essence of Tantra and Universal Beneficence

The text described as the root of all tantras, adorned with every kind of splendour, signifies its foundational importance in tantric practices. It outlines a broad spectrum of individuals who can benefit from the teachings, highlighting the tantra's potential to address a wide array of human challenges and sufferings. This inclusivity underscores the universal applicability of these teachings to bring about healing and restoration.


Rituals of Purification and Ablution

The sacred discourse suggests a comprehensive purification for those burdened by physical, emotional, and spiritual afflictions. It prescribes a detailed ritual preparation involving the collection of various sacred elements and the performance of a ritual ablution. This ritual, aimed at cleansing and sanctifying, emphasizes the importance of purity, both in the practitioner and in the ritual preparations, symbolizing the integration of spiritual and material realms.

In summary, the essence of these teachings unveils the vast capabilities of tantric traditions to effect profound change, charting a course that cleanses negativity, eases affliction, and augments the holistic wellness of those who embark upon it. Through the deep engagement with spiritual absorption, the resonant strength of mantras, and the diligent execution of hallowed rituals, these teachings sculpt a robust foundation for achieving spiritual awakening and profound metamorphosis. They serve as a constant reminder of the deep bond that unites all existence, highlighting our shared odyssey towards attaining a realm of comprehensive safeguarding, gratification, and spiritual illumination. This journey not only fosters individual transformation but also nurtures a collective ascension, steering us towards a harmonious coexistence and a universally enlightened state of being.




ན་མོ་རཏྣ་ཏྲ་ཡཱ་ཡ། ན་མཤྩཎྜ་བཛྲ་པཱ་ཎ་ཡེ། མ་ཧཱ་ཡཀྵ་སེ་ནཱ་པ་ཏ་ཡེ། ཏདྱ་ཐཱ། ཨོཾ་ཏྲུ་ཊ་ཏྲུ་ཊ། ཏྲོ་ཊ་ཡ་ཏྲོ་ཊ་ཡ། སྥུ་ཊ་སྥུ་ཊ། སྥོ་ཊ་ཡ་སྥོ་ཊ་ཡ། གྷཱུརྞཱ་གྷཱུརྞཱ། གྷཱུརྞཱ་པ་ཡ། གྷཱུརྞཱ་པ་ཡ། སརྦ་སཏྭཱ་ནི། བྷོ་དྷ་ཡ། བྷོ་དྷ་ཡ། སཾ་བྷོ་དྷ་ཡ། སཾ་བྷོ་དྷ་ཡ། བྷྲཱ་མ་བྷྲཱ་མ། སཾ་བྷྲཱ་མ་ཡ་སཾ་བྷྲཱ་མ་ཡ། སརྦ་བྷཱུ་ཏཱ་ནི། ཀུཊྚ་ཀུཊྚ། སཾ་ཀུཊྚ་ཡ། སཾ་ཀུཊྚཡ། སརྦ་ཤ་ཏྲཱུན། གྷ་ཊ་གྷ་ཊ། སཾ་གྷ་ཊ་ཡ། སཾ་གྷ་ཊ་ཡ། སརྦ་བིདྱཱཾ་བཛྲ་བཛྲ། སྥོ་ཊ་བཛྲ་བཛྲ། ཀ་ཊ་བཛྲ་བཛྲ། མ་ཊ་བཛྲ་བཛྲ། མ་ཐ་བཛྲ་བཛྲ། ཨཊྚ་ཧཱ་ས་ནཱི་ལ་བཛྲ་སུ་བཛྲཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཧེ་ཕུལླུ། ནི་རུ་ཕུལླུ། གྲྀཧྞ་ཀུལླུ། མི་ལི་ཙུལླུ། ཀུ་རུ་ཀུལླུ། བཛྲ་བི་ཛ་ཡཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཀཱི་ལི་ཀཱི་ལ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཀ་ཊ་ཀ་ཊ། མ་ཊ་མ་ཊ། ར་ཊ་ར་ཊ། མོ་ཊ་ན། པྲ་མོ་ཊ་ནཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཙ་ར་ནི་ཙ་ར། ཧ་ར་ཧ་ར། ས་ར་ས་ར། མཱ་ར་ཡ། བཛྲ་བི་དཱ་ར་ཎ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཙྪིནྡྷ་ཙྪིནྡྷ། བྷིནྡྷ་བྷིནྡྷ། མ་ཧཱ་ཀཱི་ལི་ཀཱི་ལ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། བྷནྡྷ་བྷནྡྷ། ཀྲོ་དྷ་བཛྲ་ཀཱི་ལི་ཀཱི་ལ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཙུ་རུ་ཙུ་རུ་ཙཎྜ་ཀཱི་ལི་ཀཱི་ལ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཏྲཱ་ས་ཡ། ཏྲཱ་ས་ཡ། བཛྲ་ཀཱི་ལི་ཀཱི་ལ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཧ་ར་ཧ་ར། བཛྲ་དྷ་རཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། པྲ་ཧ་ར་པྲ་ཧ་ར། བཛྲ་པྲ་བྷཉྫ་ནཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། མ་ཏིསྠི་ར་བཛྲ། ཤཱུ་ཏིསྠི་ར་བཛྲ། པྲ་ཏིསྠི་ར་བཛྲ། མ་ཧཱ་བཛྲ། ཨ་པྲ་ཏི་ཧ་ཏ་བཛྲ། ཨ་མོ་གྷ་བཛྲ། ཨེ་ཧྱེ་ཧི། ཤྲཱི་གྷྲཾ་བཛྲ་དྷཱ་རཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། དྷ་ར་དྷ་ར། དྷི་རི་དྷི་རི། དྷུ་རུ་དྷུ་རུ། སརྦ་བཛྲ་ཀུ་ལ་ཨ་ཝཱརྟ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཨ་མུ་ཀ་མཱ་ར་ཡ་ཕཊ། ན་མསྶ་མནྟ་བཛྲ་ཎཾ། སརྦ་བཛྲ་ཀུ་ལཾ་མ་ཝརྟ་ཡ། མ་ཧཱ་བ་ལེ། ཀ་ཏ་པ་ལེ། ཏ་ཏ་ལེ། ཨ་ཙ་ལེ། མཎྜ་ལ་མ་ཡེ། ཨ་ཏི་བཛྲ། མ་ཧཱ་བ་ལེ། བེ་ག་ར་ན་ར་ན། ཨ་ཛི་ཏེ། ཛྭ་ལ་ཛྭ་ལ། ཏི་ཊི་ཏི་ཊི། ཏིང་ག་ལེ། ད་ཧ་ད་ཧ། ཏེ་ཛྭ་བ་ཏི། ཏི་ལི་ཏི་ལི། བྷནྡྷ་བྷནྡྷ། མ་ཧཱ་བ་ལེ་བཛྲ་ཨཾ་ཀུ་ཤ་ཛྭ་ལཱ་ཡ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ།

ན་མོ་རཏྣ་ཏྲ་ཡཱ་ཡ། ན་མཤྩཎྜ་བཛྲ་པཱ་ཎ་ཡེ། མ་ཧཱ་ཡཀྵ་སེ་ནཱ་པ་ཏ་ཡེ། ཏདྱ་ཐཱ། ཨོཾ་ཧ་ར་ཧ་ར་བཛྲ། མ་ཐ་མ་ཐ་བཛྲ། དྷུ་ན་དྷུ་ན་བཛྲ། ད་ཧ་ད་ཧ་བཛྲ། པ་ཙ་པ་ཙ་བཛྲ། དྷ་ར་དྷ་ར་བཛྲ། དྷཱ་ར་ཡ་དྷཱ་ར་ཡ་བཛྲ། དཱ་རུ་ཎ་དཱ་རུ་ཎ་བཛྲ། ཙྪིནྡྷ་ཙྪིནྡྷ་བཛྲ། བྷིནྡྷ་བྷིནྡྷ་བཛྲ་ཧཱུྃ་ཕཊ།

ན་མཤྕཎྜ་བཛྲ་ཀྲོ་དྷཱ་ཡ། ཧུ་ལུ་ཧུ་ལུ། ཏིཥྛ་ཏིཥྛ། བྷནྡྷ་བྷནྡྷ། ཧ་ན་ཧ་ན། ཨ་མྲྀ་ཏེ་ཧཱུྃ་ཕཊ།

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