International Sound Healing – Eorðe Héahrodor


Sound as a healing modality is perhaps one of the oldest and simplest medicines humanity has employed for relaxation, as well as powerful transformations and healing of all aspect of our being. Modern science is making sense of what people of medicine and mystics have known from the dawn of time, that sound can bring into harmony and balance all aspects of our being- the Mind and heart, the emotions and the physical body. Each of us are walking orchestras with the mind and heart that are the conductors of its divine and beautiful music.

Receiving and participating in a sound healing session either on a 1-1 basis or as part of a group, can very effectively help you balance stress and find deep meaning and greater clarity in your life. It can and does assist people with overcoming obstacles and blockages often self-imposed- and reset your energetic being primed and ready to make the changes you need to be balanced and healthy.

I am a professional qualified sound healer that works both locally in the UK and Internationally. Here from the website you can book 1-1 client sessions with me or request a group session or workshop. I do both individual client work and group sessions both in physical and online also. In my capacity as a musician you can by clicking here or visiting the shop- listen and buy my songs and works and enjoy many sounds. 

These are the many different kinds of services I can provide, and if you have any questions and would like to know if we can work together in whatever capacity including commissions, collaborations and other such requests- do not hesitate to contact me and reach out.

  • 1-1 Client Sound Healing Sessions 
  • Group Sound Healing Sessions & Classes
  • Special ceremonies – weddings, funerals and so on 
  • Corporate Healing Work 
  • Online courses & Training
  • Fairs and Festivals, for example MIND, BODY, SPIRIT events
  • Elderly / Dementia Care (staff, service users, carers)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (staff, service users, carers)
  • Teachers and Students (Education Groups)
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes / Retreats 
  • Film and Documentary music and commissions
  • Sound Installations & Sculptures
  • Music instruments and hand crafted items and much more………