Welcome to The Mind Orchestra

The Mind Orchestra, is an ever expanding virtual global collective that makes music using online sessions and file sharing. For the Debut album released in late 2014 ”Devoured by the Comfort Zone” over 30 musicians came together for the making of the music from over 15 different countries. We make our music freely available to download for everyone with every release and project using creative commons licensing.

Here you can read their Jamendo Feature Interview about the album

Nick Gent the founding member of the Group who has been an active member of free music culture going back to 2008 and a proud Jamendo artist – is adamant that the work they produce should be able to reach anyone regardless of their ability to buy music should they choose to listen, and that it should be fully shareable and allow people to use it in their projects and media. This embrace of creative freedom in the aftermath of the debut release, has brought them into new waters with cross-media pollination’s and experimental works with two new albums due for release this year, and many more exciting things in the ether.

The Mind Orchestra

    • Nick Gent

    • Founder, Producer & Musician
    • themindorchestra@gmail.com
    • Cathy Blue Tuesday

    • Lyrics, Artwork, Harmonium & Vocals
    • Cathy an Original Member of the group had a massive involvement with the Mind Orchestra over many years. She is responsible for most of the lyrical co...  Read More
    • Daniele Silvestri

    • Drummer & Percussionist
    • daniele@danielesilvestri.eu
    • Daniele has been a Drummer for as long as he can remember. He started his professional career with music in the early 1980's playing with the award wi...  Read More
    • Mark Harris

    • Bass
    • Sarah Benthall

    • Visionary Artist, Musician
    • sarahbenthall@essentialnature.co.uk
    • Visit her Website for Original Art and Prints and Sacred Geometry
    • Abdollah Savarolia

    • Singer
    • A Master Vocalist of traditional and spiritual music from Gorgon, Iran.
    • Smokey Fennell

    • Pedal Steel Guitar
    • Kostas Trikalis

    • Bouzouki
    • He plays stringed traditional instruments. Kostas works as a teacher in a high school. For the last 25 years, I have been working as a pro musician. I...  Read More

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