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Come and explore your sanctuary for discovering the healing power of sound. Let me offer you a gift and a glimpse into how sound can transform your being in just one minute. This exclusive, complimentary guided meditation below is a testament to the power of sound healing. Crafted with the serene sounds of crystal bowls, the gentle whisper of the flute, and the soothing timbre of voice, the video below is your invitation to calm, relax, and open your heart. Recorded in 3D spatial audio, it promises an enveloping experience, best enjoyed through headphones.


Discover the gentle power of sound healing, a key to unlocking deep relaxation, easing stress, and fostering restful sleep. If you've ever felt an unseen barrier to your fullest potential, yearned to embrace your true voice, or wished to harmonize your emotions and energy, you're in the perfect place.

I view life as a symphony, and you, a majestic blend of musician, instrument, and audience all in one beautiful being. It is my passion to guide you in fine-tuning your inner harmony, empowering you to play the music of your life with grace and strength.

Every thought, every emotion, is a note in the vast concert of existence. With the right tools, you can transform these notes, composing a life symphony that resonates with joy, balance, and potential. This journey of transformation and empowerment is at the heart of everything we can do together here.

Welcome to a world where your personal growth and healing are nurtured through a suite of bespoke services: from immersive courses that invite you to delve into the depths of sound healing, to a heart-centred community where connections deepen and flourish, to personalised one-on-one coaching designed to craft your unique path to empowerment.

Don't let another moment pass in hesitation. Explore the offerings below, and take the step towards one of the most rewarding journeys you'll embark on. Your future self will look back with gratitude for the choice made today. Let's begin this beautiful journey together.

Flora Melodica - Mantras with Healing Rosemary 

Discover ‘The Rosemary Resonances: A Healing Soundscape,’ a captivating journey blending the earth’s natural rhythms with advanced technology. This unique soundscape, centered around the bio-rhythms of rosemary plants, combines their bio-electrical signals with custom-built synthesizers and natural sounds, creating a profound auditory experience. It represents a groundbreaking exploration of plant-human collaboration, offering a meditation on life’s interdependence and the healing power of rosemary through sound. This experience not only aims to provide mental clarity and rejuvenation but also invites listeners to deepen their connection with nature and their own inner peace.



Unlock a Month of Magic in The Resonance Room - Your Free Trial Awaits!

Start your sound healing journey with a free one-month trial in The Resonance Room. It's your chance to discover, connect, and rejuvenate with like-minded individuals. Perfect for both newcomers and those deepening their practice, our community offers workshops, support, and inspiration. Be part of the change, join us now and find your harmony. 

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Sound Healing Services

Step into the world of sound healing for transformation and well-being. We offer everything from group classes and online courses to a supportive community and 1:1 sessions, plus a variety of music to enrich your experience. Our programs are suitable for all levels and blend traditional methods with the latest technology to enhance your life. Join our community and explore the power of sound healing to unlock your potential. Check out what we offer by scrolling down or clicking the link below.

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Online Community

Join Our Sound Healing sanctuary: The Resonance Room

  • Welcome to the Resonance Room, where you can find inner peace, harmony, and connect with like-minded individuals. Our sound healing community is dedicated to helping you unleash the full potential of your mind and body.
  • Join now and experience the transformative power of sound healing through regular workshops, events, and exclusive content. Find balance, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and growth with the Resonance Room.
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1:1 Coaching & Healing Sessions

Get personalised support for your transformation with my 1:1 Sound Healing and Coaching Services. I'll guide you through a journey to overcome challenges and reach your goals with a focus on practical techniques for healing and growth. My role is to support you, but only you can achieve true change. Our coaching sessions will help you:

  • Learn a skillset and toolkit to heal, transform patterns, and overcome resistance for a balanced and healthy life.
  • Experience transformative results with professional guidance. Feel motivated and supported in your transformation by an experienced guide. I am a fully qualified, insured sound healer having trained extensively in 1:1 work. I am also a lifelong musician that understands sound deeply and how it can be used transformatively.

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Group Classes

Dive into our online Sound Healing Classes right from home and explore the healing power of sound to rejuvenate your spirit and body. These classes, accessible via Zoom and affordable through Eventbrite, are tailored to help you unwind, refresh, and integrate sound healing into your daily life. They're perfect for reducing stress, enhancing sleep, or enriching your spiritual journey. Easy online ticket purchase lets you join our virtual sessions or even opt for in-person workshops. Start your path to well-being today by exploring our upcoming classes.

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Online Courses

Explore the transformative world of sound healing with our online courses, designed for both beginners and advanced learners. These courses are crafted to boost both your personal growth and professional skills in sound therapy. Dive into a diverse range of subjects that will empower you with the knowledge to bring peace and wellness into your life and to others. Join our community of sound healing practitioners and start your journey towards mastering the healing power of sound today.

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Listen to two Basil plants make music with a human.

Immerse in ‘The Basil Whisperers: A Healing Soundscape,’ a journey where the melodies of basil plants and human ingenuity converge into a serene auditory experience. This soundscape brings the unseen bio-rhythms of basil to life, blending them with natural sounds and healing mantras to deepen your connection with the natural world. It’s an exploration of plant-human collaboration, using technology to bridge the gap between nature’s whispers and our perception. ‘The Basil Whisperers’ invites you on a meditative journey, emphasizing our unity with nature and promoting deep, intrinsic healing.



Visit our store link now to purchase and stream our songs and be transported to a world of sonic exploration. I compose music not just to be heard, but I hope to be felt, as for me music transcends beyond the boundaries of genre and speaks directly to the soul and heart of the listener.

The Mind Orchestra music is my ongoing vehicle for exploring how I can express myself in sound and write songs and create soundscapes for healing and transformation.

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