Sho Ki Na Ho

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''The Resonant Core of Collective Attunement: An Anthem of Universal Empowerment and Energetic Concord''

The video above offers a distinct journey of healing, blending the sacred sharing of the Reiki mantra Sho Ki Na Ho, with an acoustic environment shaped by melodies emitted by plants through their electrical reactions to "receiving the chant". These beings craft a harmony aligned with the Golden Pi Ratio, a musical tuning that echoes profoundly with the beholder, providing deep transformative revelations. The golden ratio, φ, an emblem of natural and mathematical congruence with an approximate value of 1.618, celebrates the universal symmetry present across various realms, including music. By embracing this experience wholeheartedly, you partake in a comprehensive conveyance of restorative energy. Yet, the golden ratio's incorporation in this sonic sphere challenges conventional melody and harmony, embarking instead on soundscapes that are untouched, discordant, and teeming with microtonal richness, urging us to discover the splendour in the atypical and the might of sounds that resonate within the soul. 

As both a Druid and a Ngakpa, I'm quite familiar with the arrival of channelled teachings, practices, mantras, and healing techniques. However, I always approach these gifts cautiously, and I encourage others to do the same—take them with a grain of salt. It's crucial to personally explore and be open to the benefits that might unfold, while also employing our discernment. Not all that is channelled or perceived warrants attention or application. Over time, one learns to discern the genuine utility of such revelations.

The genesis of this particular word and emblem of power came from a request for a sound and form that could embody each other for widespread attunement. To clarify, the guidance I received suggested this might streamline the empowerment process. Yet, the original intent was to forge a method that, with people's consent, could amplify transmission levels and fine-tune the healing capacities of those who engage with it. This mantra is not meant to replace the traditional Reiki tuning conducted by a qualified teacher. It's essential to acknowledge, though, that Usui, the founder of Reiki, achieved self-empowerment, as have many others in the practice. This mantra serves to complement the established methods, offering a tool for personal and collective resonance that may enhance the journey of healing, without dismissing the value of formal guidance and attunement from a seasoned practitioner.

In Tibetan Buddhism and Druidry alike, liberation through mere exposure, seeing and hearing, is fundamental to the transmission of teachings and empowerments. While this concept may seem foreign to those new to spiritual practices, I believe it stands as a cornerstone for transmitting spiritual wisdom, practices, and techniques across myriad spiritual cultures, religions, and traditions.

If you consent and are open to it, you will receive the empowerment and transmission of this mantra and the accompanying power symbol, simply by listening to and watching the video.





SHO KI NA HO - The Meaning

The profound mantra consisting of the syllables "Sho", "Ki", "Na", and "Ho" serves as a holistic emblem of power, designed with the intent to facilitate a more streamlined and efficient attunement and empowerment process in healing practices. This mantra embodies the journey from the initial spark of divine energy to the manifestation of healing, mirroring the path each individual traverses in their quest for balance and wholeness. Let's delve into how each of these sounds encapsulates specific stages and aspects of the healing process, forming a comprehensive method for enhancing and amplifying healing transmissions.


Sho - The Inception of Healing

"Sho" symbolises the initial spark of divine energy, the very beginning of the healing journey. It represents the moment of awakening, much like the ignition of the inner cauldron, where all potential lies dormant, waiting to be transformed. This syllable encapsulates the crucial first step of acknowledging the need for healing, acting as a catalyst for transformation. In sound healing, "Sho" is the deep, resonant tone that grounds the recipient, connecting them to the Earth and the foundational energies of existence. It is the sonic proof of the healer's and recipient's mutual recognition of imbalance, setting the foundation for the healing intentions that follow.

"Sho" stands as a testament to the inception of healing, embodying a profound resonance that speaks directly to the soul. Its essence is woven from the ancient tapestry of divine energy, marking the threshold where the journey of transformation commences. Let's delve into the profound depths and details of "Sho" and its pivotal role in the healing process.


The Divine Spark

At its core, "Sho" is the primordial spark of divine energy that ignites the inner cauldron of potential within us all. This inner cauldron, a symbol steeped in the mysticism of Druidic traditions, represents the wellspring of our un-manifested potentials, the sacred repository of all possibilities. The invocation of "Sho" is akin to the first light of dawn piercing the night's veil, a symbol of awakening and rebirth. It signifies the moment when consciousness stirs from slumber, alert to the call of transformation.


The Catalyst for Transformation

"Sho" embodies the crucial first step in the healing journey: the acknowledgment of the need for healing. This acknowledgment is not merely an intellectual realisation but a profound resonance felt deep within the soul. It is the moment of synchronicity when the healer and the recipient, guided by the sound of "Sho", come into a harmonious alignment of purpose and intent. This syllable acts as a catalyst, setting into motion the alchemical process that transmutes leaden pains and fears into the golden light of wisdom and understanding.


The Grounding Tone

In the realm of sound healing, "Sho" manifests as a deep, resonant tone that serves to ground the recipient, connecting their spirit to the nurturing embrace of the Earth. This grounding is essential, for it anchors the healing energies, providing a stable foundation from which transformation can unfold. The vibrations of "Sho" reverberate through the ether, creating a sonic tapestry that weaves the recipient into the fabric of the natural world. It reminds us of our inherent connection to all that is, reinforcing our place within the great web of existence.


The Sonic Proof of Mutual Recognition

"Sho" also represents the mutual recognition between healer and recipient of the imbalances that cloud the essence of one's being. This recognition is vital, for it establishes a sacred contract of healing, a bond of trust and openness that enables the flow of healing energies. The sound of "Sho" is the audible affirmation of this contract, a sonic handshake that seals the commitment to walk the path of healing together. It sets the tone for the healing intentions that will guide the journey, laying the groundwork for a transformation that is as profound as it is sacred.


The Connector to Foundational Energies

Through its grounding resonance, "Sho" connects the recipient to the foundational energies of existence. These are the primal forces that underpin the cosmos, the currents of life that nourish and sustain all beings. By linking the recipient to these energies, "Sho" facilitates a return to equilibrium, re-aligning the soul with the rhythms of the natural world. This connection fosters a sense of belonging and unity, dispelling the illusions of separation that often lie at the heart of our suffering.



"Sho" is a vessel of profound spiritual and healing energies. It encapsulates the essence of the healing journey, from the initial spark of divine awareness to the grounding of the soul in the rich soil of existence. As the harbinger of transformation, "Sho" invites us to embrace our potential for growth and renewal, guiding us gently towards the light of healing and wisdom. In the sacred space created by its resonance, we find the courage to acknowledge our shadows, the strength to confront our imbalances, and the grace to embark on the path of healing with open hearts and willing spirits.



Ki - The Flow of Life Force Energy


"Ki" denotes the vital life force energy that permeates all beings. In this context, it represents the universal energy harnessed and directed by healers to support and balance the life force within and around us. "Ki" is the breath of the universe that flows through the healer, guided by specific intentions to the areas in need of healing. This syllable is embodied by the rhythmic flow of sounds that carry this life-giving energy to the deepest recesses of the recipient's being, revitalising and nourishing them on all levels.

"Ki" represents a concept fundamental not only to sound healing but to the very fabric of existence itself. It is the life force energy, known by many names across cultures—Chi, Qi, Prana—yet universally acknowledged as the essence that animates all living beings. This invisible, yet palpable, energy is the thread connecting the tapestry of life, flowing through the universe and within us, a stream of vitality that sustains and nourishes. Let's explore the depth and significance of "Ki" in the healing journey, understanding its role as the conduit of life-giving force.


The Essence of Vitality

At its essence, "Ki" is the breath of the cosmos, an ethereal wind that courses through the expanse of space and time, infusing the universe with vitality and motion. It is this energy that animates the stars in their celestial dance, the Earth in her nurturing presence, and humanity in its quest for meaning and connection. In the context of healing, "Ki" represents the fundamental energy harnessed by healers to catalyse change, to mend what is broken, and to rejuvenate what has withered.


The Universal Flow

The concept of "Ki" transcends mere physical energy; it is a multidimensional force that permeates the layers of existence, binding the physical to the metaphysical, the material to the spiritual. It is the universal currency of energy, freely exchanged between all forms of life, a testament to the interconnectedness of all beings. Healers, adept in the language of "Ki", learn to tap into this universal flow, directing its currents to where healing is most needed, acting as conduits for its life-sustaining properties.


Guided by Intention

"Ki" is intelligent, responsive to the intentions and desires that guide it. In sound healing, this principle is paramount; the healer channels "Ki", infusing it with specific intentions for health, balance, and wellbeing. These intentions shape the flow of "Ki", directing it with precision to the recipient's areas of need. The rhythmic flow of sounds in a healing session—the tones, the beats, the melodies—are imbued with "Ki", each note a carrier of energy, each vibration a messenger of vitality.


The Embodiment in Sound

In the practice of sound healing, "Ki" finds its voice through the harmonious interplay of musical elements. It is the deep drone that resonates with the core of our being, the lilting melody that lifts the spirit, and the complex harmonies that weave through our energy centres, cleansing, balancing, and rejuvenating. These sounds, crafted with intention and delivered with compassion, are the physical manifestations of "Ki", the audible expression of life force energy at work.


Revitalising and Nourishing

The impact of "Ki" on the recipient is profound and multifaceted. It revitalises the body, clearing blockages and stimulating the natural healing processes. It nourishes the mind, easing stress and calming turmoil. It uplifts the spirit, rekindling the inner light and restoring a sense of peace and harmony. Through "Ki", the recipient is reconnected to the web of life, reminded of their place in the universe, and rejuvenated in body, mind, and soul.



"Ki" is the journey itself, a voyage through the rivers of life force energy that sustains us all. In the realm of sound healing, "Ki" is both the medium and the message, the vessel and the voyage, carrying us on waves of sound to shores of healing and wholeness. It reminds us of our inherent connectivity to all things, of the power of intention, and of the infinite capacity for renewal that lies within and around us. Through "Ki", we are invited to dance with the universe, to flow with the currents of life, and to embrace the boundless potential for healing that resides within the symphony of existence.



Na - The Embodiment of Intention


"Na" symbolises the focused will and purpose that directs the flow of energy, embodying the intention behind the healing process. It represents the connection between the healer and the cosmos, where intentions are set forth, much like prayers on the wind. In the realm of sound healing, "Na" is mirrored by intentional melodies and rhythms that carry the healing intentions deep into the soul, guiding the life force energy to where it can facilitate the greatest good. This syllable underscores the importance of clear, focused intent in the efficacy of the healing journey, acting as the binding force that links the energy ("Ki") with its purpose.

"Na" occupies a pivotal place within the tapestry of sound healing, acting as the embodiment of intention, the spiritual and emotional compass that guides the healing journey. This syllable represents more than just a sound; it encapsulates the very essence of purpose and will, channelling the universal life force energy, "Ki", with precision and direction. Let's delve deeper into the rich layers of meaning and significance that "Na" contributes to the process of healing and transformation.


The Essence of Intention

Intention is the heart of any healing process, the seed from which all transformation sprouts. "Na" symbolises this seed, the focused will and deliberate purpose that infuses "Ki" with direction and meaning. In the realm of sound healing, intentions are not merely thoughts or wishes; they are powerful vibrations that resonate through the cosmos, shaping reality with their frequency. "Na" represents this vibrational force, the focused energy that propels the healing process forward.


The Connection to the Cosmos

"Na" also signifies the sacred connection between the healer and the cosmos, a reminder that we are not isolated beings but integral parts of a vast, interconnected universe. This syllable embodies the moment when intentions are set forth, much like prayers on the wind, reaching out to the fabric of existence. In this act of reaching out, "Na" facilitates a deep communion with the universal energies, aligning the healer's will with the cosmic flow, ensuring that the healing process is supported by the totality of existence.


The Role in Sound Healing

Within the practice of sound healing, "Na" is mirrored by the intentional melodies and rhythms that form the backbone of the healing session. These sounds, carefully chosen and crafted, are the carriers of intention, the musical expressions of the healer's will. Through the medium of sound, "Na" guides the life force energy "Ki" to the areas of need, weaving through the recipient's energy field, targeting blockages, and infusing the being with the essence of healing. The precision and clarity of these intentional sounds are crucial, as they determine the path that "Ki" will follow, shaping the healing experience.


The Binding Force

"Na" acts as the binding force in the healing equation, linking the universal life force energy "Ki" with its purpose. This synergy between intention and energy is what makes healing possible. Without "Na", "Ki" would be directionless, a river without a course. But with "Na", "Ki" becomes a powerful stream of healing, directed towards fostering balance, harmony, and wellbeing. "Na" ensures that every vibration, every note, and every tone is imbued with a clear, focused intention, transforming mere sounds into potent catalysts for change.


The Importance of Clear, Focused Intent

The effectiveness of the healing journey is significantly enhanced by the clarity and focus of the intention behind it. "Na" underscores the importance of this clarity, reminding us that the more precise and focused the intention, the more powerful the healing. In the alchemy of sound healing, the purity of the healer's intent is paramount, as it shapes the energies being channelled, guiding them to their highest purpose. "Na" embodies this purity, this focus, acting as the beacon that lights the way for "Ki", ensuring that the healing energies are aligned with the greatest good.



"Na" is a testament to the power of intention in the healing arts. It is the syllable that bridges the gap between will and manifestation, between the healer and the cosmos, between energy and its purpose. In the symphony of sound healing, "Na" plays a crucial role, directing the flow of "Ki" with precision and purpose, ensuring that the healing intentions are not just heard but felt, deep within the soul of the recipient. Through "Na", we are reminded of our ability to shape reality with our intentions, to direct the currents of energy with our will, and to transform our lives and the lives of others with the focused power of our hearts and minds.



Ho - The Manifestation and Grounding of Energy


Finally, "Ho" signifies the culmination of the healing process, the manifestation and grounding of the divine energy into the physical realm. It marks the completion of the cycle, where the healing intentions and energies are fully integrated into the recipient's physical, emotional, and spiritual being. In sound healing, "Ho" could be represented by the concluding sequences of the session, which wrap the recipient in a cocoon of peace and well-being. These soothing sounds seal the healing energy within, ensuring that the transformation is complete and well-integrated, grounding the recipient in their renewed state of balance and harmony.

"Ho" represents the closing chapter in the narrative of healing, a sacred syllable that embodies the final descent of divine energy into the tangible aspects of our being. This sound marks the point of fruition, where the intangible becomes tangible, where the whispered intentions and the guided energies of "Ki" find their home within the corporeal form. Let's explore the profound implications and the depth of "Ho" in the context of sound healing, understanding its vital role in the manifestation and grounding of healing energies.


The Culmination of Healing

The journey of healing is akin to a spiral, where each turn brings deeper insights, transformations, and integrations. "Ho" stands at the point where this spiral comes to rest, where the dynamic flows of energy settle into a peaceful stillness. It signifies the moment when the healing intentions, carried on the waves of "Ki" and directed by the focused will of "Na", fully manifest within the recipient's body, mind, and spirit. This culmination is not just an end but a beginning—the dawn of a renewed state of existence, marked by balance and harmony.


The Grounding of Divine Energy

Divine energy, while omnipresent and omnipotent, requires a conduit to manifest its effects in the physical world. "Ho" is the process through which this ethereal energy is anchored into the material plane, making the benefits of the healing session palpable and real for the recipient. In sound healing, this grounding is facilitated by the concluding sequences of the session—soothing, resonant sounds that create a vibrational cocoon around the recipient. These sounds act as a bridge between the heavens and the earth, ensuring that the healing energies are not just received but also retained.


The Integration into the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Being

Healing, in its truest form, is holistic, touching every aspect of our being. "Ho" encapsulates this integrative process, ensuring that the healing energies permeate the physical body, mend emotional wounds, and uplift the spirit. This integration is crucial for lasting transformation, as it allows the individual to fully embody the changes that have taken place. The sounds associated with "Ho" support this integration, weaving the energies into the fabric of the recipient's existence, ensuring that every cell, every thought, and every breath resonates with the harmony of the healed state.


The Sealing of Healing Energy

Just as a vessel must be sealed to retain its contents, the healing energies introduced during the session must be sealed within the recipient's energy field. "Ho" represents this sealing process, creating a protective barrier that holds the healing vibrations within, allowing them to continue their work long after the session has ended. This sealing also safeguards the individual against external energies that might disrupt the newly established equilibrium, maintaining the sanctity of the healed state.


The Renewed State of Balance and Harmony

Ultimately, "Ho" heralds the emergence of a renewed state of being, one that is characterised by balance and harmony. This renewed state is not a return to the old but an evolution into something greater—a state of wholeness that encompasses the lessons learned and the growth attained through the healing journey. The recipient emerges from the cocoon of "Ho" reborn, equipped with a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe, grounded in their physical reality yet connected to the divine.



"Ho" is the resonant echo of completion, the sound that signifies the successful integration of divine energies into the fabric of our existence. It is the grounding force that anchors the ethereal into the earthly, ensuring that the healing journey culminates in a tangible transformation. In the practice of sound healing, "Ho" is the gentle but powerful force that wraps the recipient in peace and well-being, sealing the healing energies within and marking the beginning of a new chapter of balance, harmony, and wholeness. Through "Ho", we are reminded that every ending is a new beginning, and every culmination is a step towards a greater state of being.

Through the synergy of "Sho", "Ki", "Na", and "Ho", this mantra encapsulates a powerful method for amplifying and fine-tuning the transmission of healing energy. Each syllable contributes uniquely to the process, from the initial recognition of the need for healing ("Sho"), through the channeling and directing of life force energy ("Ki" and "Na"), to the final grounding and manifestation of healing ("Ho"). Together, they form a holistic approach to healing that leverages sound as both a medium and a catalyst for profound transformation and well-being. This mantra not only streamlines the empowerment process for healers and recipients alike but also deepens the connection between them, fostering a more meaningful and effective healing journey.



About the Symbol

The symbol depicted weaves a profound narrative of metaphysical concepts and healing energies, elegantly illustrating the harmony of opposites and guiding us towards the pivotal centre of power. At its apex, the semi-circles may symbolise the cerebral hemispheres, mirroring the unity between thought and intuition—attributes often linked with the masculine and feminine forces that reside within each of us. This convergence signifies the harmonious integration of logic and creativity, of analysis with empathy, cultivating a comprehensive consciousness that is vital for both healing and spiritual expansion.

Where these semi-circles meet, we encounter the symbolic confluence of the upper and lower realms—the celestial and the terrestrial, embodying the esoteric axiom "as above, so below." This tenet underscores the intrinsic connectivity between all layers of existence. At the heart of this design lies the central circle, representing the singularity, the "all"—a focal point of energy accumulation, reminiscent of the "Dan Tian" or the awakening of the inner dragon, a cradle of essential life force nestled within the navel area. Beside this core, two spirals face one another, their proximity suggesting an 'intimate kiss' amidst the vastness of void.

This imagery might depict the dynamic interplay of giving and receiving, the perpetual dance of energies that constitutes the essence of being. Their interaction gives rise to what could be perceived as an eternity knot or a Vesica Pisces—a symbol steeped in significance, often associated with the genesis of creation, the void, or the cradle of potential and the manifested cosmos. Regarding the energy dynamics portrayed, the emblem encapsulates the dual process of drawing down divine, cosmic energy (spiritual insight, higher wisdom) and drawing up terrestrial energy (instinct, sustenance) in synchronicity.

This symbiotic gesture serves as a visual allegory for the equilibrium pursued in numerous spiritual and healing traditions: the integration of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, within the central vessel of self—the individual as the alembic of transformation and unity. Through this lens, the symbol profoundly aligns with the healing odyssey of "Sho Ki Na Ho," where "Sho" heralds the inception of awareness and intention, "Ki" circulates as the vital force permeating everything, "Na" embodies the fusion of energies with purpose, and "Ho" encapsulates the doctrine that binds and harmonises the healing process. Thus, the symbol emerges as a potent tool in meditation and energy work, sharpening the focus and escorting the practitioner along the cyclical, ceaseless flow of healing energy.


Magical Practice: "The Fivefold Harmonic Hand"

Begin in a place of tranquillity, grounding yourself with the earth's energy. With each gentle inhale and exhale, find yourself seated in an ancient, serene forest, the cradle of your journey with "The Fivefold Harmonic Hand."

1. Awakening "Sho" - The Thumb

Concentrate on your thumb, visualising the syllable "Sho" radiating a profound, earthy glow. "Sho" is the initial divine spark, the beginning of potential. Imagine the sound of "Sho" vibrating from your thumb, grounding you, connecting you deeply to the earth. Visualise the symbol of "Sho" as a spiralling vortex, embodying the foundational energies of existence, signalling readiness for transformation. Let "Sho" fill you with a deep sense of unity with all.


2. Channelling "Ki" - The Index Finger

Shift your focus to your index finger, where "Ki" shines brilliantly. Feel "Ki" as the universe's breath, a luminous life force streaming through you. "Ki" pulses from your finger, directing this healing energy to where it's needed most. Envision "Ki's" symbol as a river, its flow revitalising and nourishing you. Let "Ki" harmonise your energy with the cosmos's rhythm.


3. Directing "Na" - The Middle Finger

Now, your attention moves to the middle finger, home to "Na". "Na" symbolises focused intention, the will directing "Ki". See "Na" emitting a radiant light, its sound shaping the surrounding energies. The symbol of "Na", a beam of light, represents your desires for healing and transformation. Utilise "Na" to set your intentions, guiding energies with precision, embedding your aspirations within the universe's weave.


4. Manifesting "Ho" - The Ring Finger

Focus on the ring finger, the seat of "Ho". "Ho" embodies the grounding and manifestation of divine energy in the tangible. Observe "Ho" glowing warmly, its sound enveloping you in peace. The symbol for "Ho", a grounding stone, emerges, marking the cycle's completion, the full integration of healing energies. "Ho" ensures the sealing and grounding of these energies, fostering a renewed state of balance.


5. Embodying Unity and Extension "Xa" - The Little Finger Secret Sound

Lastly, turn your awareness to the little finger, introducing "Xa", a symbol of unity and extension beyond oneself. Visualise "Xa" as a radiant light, its sound extending the healing energies outward, bridging individual transformation with universal well-being. The symbol for "Xa", intertwined circles, represents the interconnectedness of all life, the flow of healing from the individual to the cosmos.


Uniting the Hand - The Harmony of the Mantra

Bringing your focus to the entirety of your hand, feel the combined power of "Sho", "Ki", "Na", "Ho", and "Xa". Your hand, now a conduit for divine energy, shines with light and resonates with the mantra's sounds. Visualise a unifying symbol in your palm, a radiant orb encompassing the individual symbols, symbolising the holistic fusion of the mantra's energies.

With this radiant orb in your palm, extend your hand, channelling your healing intentions into the universe. Feel the energies flow through you, connecting you to all beings.

As this meditation closes, gently return to the present, imbued with the peace and harmony nurtured through "The Fivefold Harmonic Hand". With gratitude, open your eyes, prepared to carry these healing energies into your daily life.

"The Fivefold Harmonic Hand" is a sacred meditation, blending sound, symbol, and intention to align with the cosmic flow, enabling you to wield the universe's healing power in the palm of your hand.


Invoking a Reiki Guide Practice: "The Celestial Weaver's Tapestry"

"The Celestial Weaver's Tapestry" is a sublime practice for connecting with your spiritual guide, infused with elements of cosmic unity and inner alchemy. Here’s a tailored guide to using this practice to call in and connect with your guide:


Preparation and Initiation

  • Sacred Space: Begin by creating a tranquil space where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual are thinned. Decorate this area with symbols that resonate with cosmic energies—crystals, celestial maps, and weavings.
  • Cleansing Ritual: Purify the space and yourself using sound vibrations from a tuning fork or singing bowl, and light from candles to signify the illumination of the cosmos.
  • Grounding: Ground yourself deeply by visualizing roots extending from your feet into the core of the earth, stabilizing your energy as you prepare to connect with the higher realms.


Weaving "Sho" – The Breath of Earth

  • Calling the Guide: As you focus on the "Sho" at the base of your spine, visualize planting a seed within this verdant light. Chant softly, inviting your guide to witness the sprouting of this seed: "From the depths of the earth, through the seed I sow, Guide of mine, come forth as I call with 'Sho'."
  • Connection: Feel the energy of the earth rise to meet the descending celestial energies brought forth by your guide, intertwining below and above.


Spinning "Ki" – The Stream of Life

  • Enhancing the Connection: With your awareness at the solar plexus, draw in the golden energy of "Ki". Visualize this energy spinning into a golden thread that reaches upwards, calling your guide closer: "Golden thread of life, spin through and through, Draw near, my guide, and connect with 'Ki' true."


Crafting "Na" – The Needle of Intent

  • Directing the Energy: At the heart chakra, focus on "Na" to direct the weave of your intentions. Imagine threading a needle with the energies of your heart’s desires, carefully stitching your aspirations into the cosmic fabric: "With 'Na', my heart's needle, precise and clear, Weave my intentions, guide, draw near."


Binding "Ho" – The Knot of Manifestation

  • Securing the Bond: Move to the throat chakra and use "Ho" to tie the threads of creation. Visualize forming a knot that secures the connection between you and your guide, embodying your spoken truths: "'Ho', bind our connection, tie the threads we've spun, Manifest our bond, let our energies be one."


Infusing "Xa" – The Stardust of Connection

  • Cosmic Integration: At the crown chakra, let "Xa" scatter stardust, fully uniting your energies with your guide. Visualize a constellation forming at the crown of your head, each star linking you to the celestial realms: "'Xa', stardust sprinkle, connect our spirits high, Constellations form, our bond with the sky."


Uniting The Tapestry – The Essence of the Cosmos

  • Completion and Offering: With your tapestry woven, step back to appreciate the interconnected patterns formed with "Sho", "Ki", "Na", "Ho", and "Xa". Extend this cosmic tapestry towards the heavens as an offering to your guide.
  • Reciprocal Connection: Feel the celestial energies weaving back through your tapestry, enhancing your spiritual connection and ensuring ongoing guidance and protection.


Closing the Practice

  • Return to Awareness: Gently detach from the heightened state, pulling back the roots and grounding yourself once again. With gratitude, acknowledge the presence and support of your guide.
  • Integration: Carry the harmony and connection you've cultivated into your daily life, embodying the unity between the microcosm of your soul and the macrocosm of the universe.

This enhanced version of "The Celestial Weaver's Tapestry" not only deepens your spiritual practice but also establishes a profound and protected connection with your spiritual guide, fostering a reciprocal relationship that supports both healing and growth.


Embarking on a journey with the four sounds of the healing mantra can be a profound and transformative experience. Reflective journaling on each sound can deepen your understanding and integration of their meanings and energies. Below are three reflective journaling prompts for each of the four sounds: "Sho", "Ki", "Na", and "Ho". These prompts are designed to guide you through introspection and exploration, facilitating a deeper connection with each aspect of the mantra.


Reflective & Journaling Prompts


"Sho" - The Inception of Healing

  1. Reflect on Your Awakening:

    • Write about a moment when you felt a deep, inner awakening or realization that signalled a need for change or healing in your life. How does this relate to the concept of "Sho" as the initial spark of divine energy?
  2. Grounding Experiences:

    • Describe a time when you felt deeply grounded and connected to the earth. How did this experience change your perspective or emotional state? Reflect on how "Sho" embodies this connection and grounding.
  3. Acknowledgment of Transformation:

    • Consider the transformations you’ve undergone in your life. How did acknowledging the need for change serve as a catalyst for these transformations? Relate this to "Sho" and its role in recognising the journey's inception.


"Ki" - The Flow of Life Force Energy

  1. Experiencing Life Force:

    • Recall an experience where you felt full of energy or vitality. What were you doing, and how did it make you feel physically and emotionally? Connect this feeling to the concept of "Ki" and its omnipresent energy.
  2. Channelling Energy:

    • Reflect on a situation where you consciously directed your energy towards healing, whether it was self-healing or assisting others. How did you visualise or manifest this energy, and what was the outcome?
  3. Universal Connection:

    • Meditate on your connection to the universe and all living beings. How do you perceive this interconnectivity in your daily life? How does the understanding of "Ki" deepen this connection?


"Na" - The Embodiment of Intention

  1. Setting Intentions:

    • Write about a significant intention you’ve set for yourself. How did you go about embedding this intention into your actions or thoughts? Reflect on the process of focusing your will as represented by "Na".
  2. Realising Intentions:

    • Consider an intention that came to fruition. How did the journey from setting the intention to its realization transform you? How does this process mirror the directed energy of "Na"?
  3. The Power of Will:

    • Journal about a time when your focused will overcame an obstacle. What did you learn about the power of intention and focus, and how does this relate to the qualities of "Na"?


"Ho" - The Manifestation and Grounding of Energy

  1. Grounding and Manifestation:

    • Reflect on a personal achievement or a healing moment that felt like a grounding experience. How did this manifestation affect your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being?
  2. Integrating Healing:

    • Think about a time when you felt that healing energy was being integrated into your being. What were the signs of this integration, and how did you facilitate it?
  3. Renewed Balance and Harmony:

    • Describe a period in your life when you emerged from a challenging situation with a renewed sense of balance and harmony. How does this experience relate to the grounding and manifestation energies of "Ho"?


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