Llathariël’s Pillar: for Emotional Sovereignty

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"Llathariël’s Pillar" is an enriching practice crafted to guide you on a transformative journey towards emotional balance, empowerment, and sovereignty. Through a series of meticulously designed visual and auditory exercises, this practice aims to help you establish a robust pillar of stability amidst the ebbs and flows of life.

Each segment of the practice invites you to explore different facets of your emotional landscape. From grounding exercises set in a serene sacred grove to harmonising your energy centres with solfariën breaths, every step is intricately crafted to navigate and balance your emotions. The practices delve deep, drawing inspiration from ancient symbols, rejuvenating mudras, and immersive soundscapes that together create a harmonious and revitalising experience.

The overarching goal of "Llathariël’s Pillar" is to equip you with tools and techniques to cultivate emotional sovereignty. By empowering you to face life's challenges with clarity and stability, this practice becomes a crowning testament to your strength and resilience. It is designed to be beneficial for individuals from all walks of life, seeking to deepen their understanding of their emotions and enhance their overall mental well-being.

The modular nature of this practice allows you to engage with each section independently, allowing for flexibility and personalisation. You're encouraged to adapt and customise the exercises to align with your unique journey, ensuring that the practice evolves with you. Through consistent engagement with "Llathariël’s Pillar", you can anticipate a growth in emotional resilience, a harmonious inner state, and a profound connection to your inner self.


Orientation and Intention-Setting

Welcome to this sacred space that has been thoughtfully crafted for your healing journey. Your presence here is a testament to your courage and a reflection of your commitment to self-love and transformative growth. As we embark on this journey together, let us begin by grounding ourselves, establishing a deep connection that transcends the digital realm and resonates within our spiritual core.

To start, I invite you to gently close your eyes and attune yourself to your surroundings. Feel the supportive embrace of the chair or the grounding touch of the floor beneath you. Become aware of the space around you, recognizing it as a haven for your exploration and healing.

With your eyes closed, let's initiate a connection with your inner self. Place one hand tenderly over your heart, and the other over your solar plexus. These areas are your centres of love and personal power, respectively. By doing so, you're tapping into your innate capacity for compassion and strength.

Now, let us take a moment to reflect on the intentions you have set for today's session. You may choose to silently articulate this intention or visualize it as a glowing symbol or a scene gracefully unfolding in your mind's eye. Allow yourself to fully experience your intention, feeling it flow from your conscious mind, coursing through your heart, and resonating within your very core.

Understand that your intention serves as a beacon, guiding the energies that we will be exploring and harnessing during today's practice. By anchoring yourself in this intention, you are laying the foundation for a meaningful and enriching experience.


Feel free to hold this intention for a few moments, basking in its potential power to transform and heal. When you are ready, you may open your eyes, knowing that you are prepared and aligned for the deep work that lies ahead in this session.

Thank you for bringing your full self to this space; you are honoured and cherished here. 🌟💫



The 3 Solfariën Breaths

First Breath - Anorithë (Light's Dawn)

As you prepare for your first breath, I invite you to imagine that above you hovers a radiant golden sun. Feel its warm, benevolent energy beckoning you. Now, take a slow and deep inhalation through your nose, envisioning rays of golden light streaming down from this celestial body.

Imagine this ethereal light entering through the crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel the golden light as it spirals gently downwards through your body. Envision this light illuminating your brain, relaxing your facial muscles, pouring over your shoulders, filling your chest, warming your belly, and travelling down to your toes. You are now enveloped from head to toe in this divine golden light. Your entire being is radiant, like an embodiment of dawn breaking over a tranquil landscape.

As you prepare to exhale, envision any emotional burdens, tensions, or anxieties in you transforming into dark clouds or smog. Then, with a gentle and long exhale through your mouth, imagine releasing these dark forms out of your body. Visualise them lifting upwards and away from you, dissolving into particles that disperse and disappear, leaving you lighter and purer.


Second Breath - Galanthirë (Light's Presence)

For the second breath, direct your focus towards your heart chakra, the centre of your emotional and spiritual universe. As you inhale deeply through your nose, imagine inhaling a luminous crystalline light, a swirling vortex of kaleidoscopic colours—vibrant blues, emerald greens, and fiery reds.

Visualise this light pooling in your heart chakra. Imagine it as a purifying fire, burning away residues of emotional pain, doubt, or negativity. Feel the swirling vortex intensify its spin, drawing in any lingering emotional blockages or impurities into its transformative core.

As you exhale, imagine these impurities being released from your heart chakra, converting into grey smoke. With a slow and focused exhale through your mouth, see this grey smoke exiting your body and vanishing into the ether, disintegrating into nothingness.


Third Breath - Caladath (Light's End)

Finally, we come to the culmination of our Solfariën Breaths. Prepare to inhale a light that is purer than anything you've ever experienced—a transcendent white light that carries the essence of divine love and peace.

Take a profound, filling inhalation through your nose, visualising this heavenly white light entering through your crown chakra. Imagine it pervading every cell, every atom, every quantum particle of your being. Feel this divine light merging with your very essence, as if you and the light are becoming a singular beacon of love and peace.

Hold this breath for a few sacred moments. Feel the transformation happening at a cellular and even soulful level. You're not just filled with light; you are the light.

As you prepare to exhale, sense any remaining bits of negativity or doubt that could still be lurking within you. With a long, healing exhale through your mouth, visualise these particles being released and carried downwards, where they are absorbed by the Earth Mother. In her boundless wisdom, she transforms them into nourishing energy that feeds the roots of trees and the depths of oceans.


A Mudra of Refreshment (Gyrrlum)

  • Energy Mudra - Gyrrlum (Pronounced: Gyeer-loom)
  • Seed Syllable: Viir (Pronounced: Vee-eer)
  1. Place both of your hands in front of your chest, palms facing each other.
  2. Connect the tips of your index fingers and thumbs to form a triangle.
  3. Keep the middle, ring, and little fingers extended but relaxed.

Hold this Gyrrlum mudra position for 2 minutes. As you hold it, chant the seed syllable "Viir" softly or internally, aligning your voice with the energy resonance you're generating.


A Mudra of Balance (Cyrffyl)

Balance Mudra (Pronounced: Keer-ff-ill)

Seed Syllable: Thoan (Pronounced: Tho-an)

  1. Place your hands on your lap, palms up.
  2. On each hand, let the tip of your little finger touch the tip of your thumb, forming a circle.
  3. Extend your forefinger, middle, and index fingers straight out but relaxed.

Hold this Cyrffyl mudra for 2 minutes. During this time, softly or internally chant the seed syllable "Thoan," allowing its vibration to seep into your very cells, helping to bring about inner balance.


Emotional Release: (Bodhath)

(Pronounced: Boh-dhaath)

Seed Syllable: Luen (Pronounced: Loo-en)

Setting the Space:

Begin by finding a serene and quiet environment where you can comfortably sit undisturbed. Ensure that the ambience is calming and conducive to introspection. You may choose to dim the lights or light a gentle-scented candle to help set a soothing atmosphere.


Once you have settled into your space, find a comfortable sitting posture that allows your spine to be upright yet relaxed. You may choose to sit cross-legged on a cushion or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Rest your hands gently on your lap, palms facing upwards in a receptive gesture.

Breath and Intention:

Close your eyes gently and turn your focus inward. Start by taking a few deep, measured breaths, allowing the rhythm of your breathing to anchor you into the present moment. As you breathe in, set a conscious intention to release any emotional burdens that may be weighing on your heart and mind.

Chanting and Visualization:

On your next exhale, softly chant the seed syllable "Luen" either aloud or internally. Repeat this chant three times. As you do so, envision a radiant bubble of aquamarine light forming around you. This shimmering sphere acts as a protective shield, enveloping you with its gentle, nurturing energy.

Allow yourself to fully engage in this visualization. Picture the bubble's luminescence growing brighter and more vibrant with each chant of "Luen". The aquamarine light, symbolizing tranquillity and healing, pulses with every breath.

Emotional Alchemy:

Imagine any negative emotional energies, external projections, or lingering anxieties being drawn towards this radiant bubble. Visualize these energies as dark, murky clouds that are effortlessly absorbed by the aquamarine shield. Within the bubble, these negative energies undergo a transformation, dissolving and transmuting into glimmers of harmless, sparkling light.

Culmination and Release:

Conclude the practice by visualizing the protective aquamarine bubble gently bursting, releasing countless tiny lights that scatter in all directions. These lights carry away any remnants of negativity, leaving your energetic space cleansed and purified.


In the aftermath of this release, feel a profound sense of lightness and clarity enveloping you, akin to the refreshing calm of the morning sky after a cleansing rain. Take a moment to bask in this sensation, observing the harmonious and pure energies that now surround you.


Before concluding, spend a few minutes in quiet reflection, acknowledging the transformation that has occurred within and around you. Notice any shifts in your emotional state and carry this newfound clarity with you as you gently open your eyes and transition back to your surroundings.



Cultivating Love: Cariath

(Pronounced: Kah-ree-ahth)
Seed Syllable: Alwe (Pronounced: Al-way)

Begin by preparing your space with gentle care, ensuring it exudes warmth and serenity. You may choose to have soft, ambient music playing in the background or surround yourself with objects that symbolize love and compassion to you.

Posture and Alignment:
Settle into a comfortable and dignified sitting posture, ensuring your spine is aligned and your body is at ease. You may sit on a cushion or a chair, ensuring your feet are grounded and your posture is open and receptive.

Connecting with the Heart:
With gentle grace, place one hand over your heart chakra, located at the centre of your chest. Feel the warmth of your hand and the subtle rhythm of your heartbeat beneath your palm.

Breath and Intention:
Inhale deeply, allowing your breath to fill your chest and expand your heart space. As you breathe in, focus your intention on amplifying the energies of love, compassion, and kindness within you.

Chanting and Visualization:
Upon exhaling, softly chant the seed syllable "Alwe", either aloud or within the sanctity of your inner being, three times. Visualize your heart chakra as a blossoming flower, glowing with a luminous pink light. With each repetition of "Alwe", see this radiant light growing brighter, larger, and more encompassing.

Embodiment of Love:
Feel this radiant pink glow envelop your entire being, transforming you into a majestic and untouchable pillar of divine love. Allow this energy to permeate every cell, every thought, and every emotion within you.

Universal Connection:
Now, expand your visualization further. Imagine this pillar of divine love extending from the depths of the Earth, coursing through your being, and reaching up into the heavens. In this moment, you become a conduit of universal love, bridging the terrestrial and celestial realms.

Resonance and Strengthening:
Feel your essence resonate harmoniously with these powerful vibrations of love. Sense how this practice strengthens your emotional resilience and magnifies your capacity to both give and receive love. Bask in this resonance, allowing it to fortify your heart.

When you feel complete, take a moment to integrate this experience. Slowly open your eyes, and take a deep, fulfilling breath. Cherish the progress you've made and the transformative power you've tapped into.

Before moving on, reflect on the boundless love that now flows within and through you. Recognize your own capacity to be a beacon of love and compassion in the world.



Visualisation Alchemy

In this next profound stage of our practice, we will engage with powerful visualisations that will synergise with our earlier exercises to bring about deep emotional release and spiritual ascension. 


The Alchemy of the Göthrëan Cauldron

(Pronounced: Go-thr-ee-an)

Setting the Ambience:
Begin by ensuring your surroundings are conducive to introspection and transformation. Dim the lights, perhaps light a candle, and surround yourself with items that resonate with the Earth's grounding energy.

Posture and Grounding:
Find a comfortable position, sitting with dignity and grace. Close your eyes and take a few deep, grounding breaths. Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the Earth beneath you.

Envisioning the Ancient Cauldron:
Delve into the depths of your imagination to envision a cauldron resting deep within the heart of the Earth, below your seated form. This cauldron is an artifact of immense antiquity, crafted from a material both indestructible and capable of profound transmutation.

Gathering Negativity:
Visualise this cauldron as a receptacle for all the negative emotions, emotional projections, and burdens you've been shouldering, whether they originated from yourself or have been directed at you by others. Picture these burdens as dark clouds or a murky liquid, pooling and gathering within the cauldron's basin.

Infusing Seed Syllables:
Next, recall the seed syllables from your earlier practices, such as "Luen" and "Alwe." Visualise these syllables descending into the cauldron like glowing runes or radiant jewels, each a beacon of transformative power.

Alchemical Transformation:
As these glowing seed syllables touch the accumulated negativity, imagine a mesmerising alchemical process unfolding before your inner eye. The dark, heavy substances begin to undergo a miraculous transformation, morphing into pure, radiant light of varying hues: shimmering gold representing wisdom, tranquil blue embodying peace, healing green symbolising renewal, and vibrant pink reflecting boundless love.

Personal Resonance:
Feel this transformation as if it is happening within your own energetic body. Each seed syllable acts as a catalyst, purifying and elevating your emotional state. The cauldron's alchemy mirrors your own inner transmutations.

Integration and Empowerment:
Sit with this visualisation for a while, allowing the transformative energies to ripple through your being. Feel a sense of liberation and empowerment as the burdens are alchemically transmuted into sources of strength and wisdom.

Concluding the Practice:
When you sense the process is complete, gently return your awareness to your physical surroundings. Carry with you the knowledge that within the depths of your being, you possess an ancient cauldron capable of transforming any negativity into radiant, empowering light.


Druids' Ascending Pillar: Embodying Celestial Harmony

Seamless Transition:
Transitioning smoothly from the previous visualisation of the Göthrëan Cauldron, maintain your meditative posture with your eyes gently closed. Allow the transformative energies to segue seamlessly into this next phase of your practice.

Becoming the Pillar of Light:
In your mind's eye, imagine your being undergoing a profound metamorphosis. Visualise yourself transforming into a magnificent and resplendent pillar of light. This pillar is rooted deeply in the nourishing bosom of the Earth, while simultaneously its apex soars, reaching infinitely into the celestial heavens.

Experiencing the Eternal Light:
Take a moment to feel the texture and quality of this radiant light. It is eternal, pure, and brimming with the essence of unconditional love. The light pulsates with a serene luminescence, echoing the wisdom of ages and the compassion of the universe.

Harmonising Celestial and Earthly Energies:
As you inhale and exhale, visualise streams of divine light cascading from above and surging from below, seamlessly passing through your pillar-like form. This divine light comprises celestial energies from the heavenly realms, and nurturing, grounding energies from the Earth. Together, they harmonise within you.

Being the Vessel and Beacon:
While the light flows through you, imagine your essence remaining untouched and unaltered—you are pure and infinite in your capacity for love and compassion. Feel the sensation of being both a vessel and a beacon: you receive and transmit this divine energy to the world, yet you yourself remain an untouchable and steadfast pillar of love.

Savouring the Sacred Space:
Take a moment to bask in the sanctity and power of these visualisations. Allow yourself the liberty to dwell in this sacred space for as long as you wish, absorbing and embodying the invoked qualities and energies.

Concluding the Practice:
When you feel complete, gently open your eyes and gradually return to the present moment. Carry with you the transformative energies, insights, and the sense of boundless love that you've cultivated during this practice.



Integration and Closing: Harmonising the Inner and Outer Realms

A Moment of Reflection:
This final segment of our magical and transformative journey serves as a sacred pause for reflection and integration. Having ventured deep within the realms of your consciousness, and having touched the divine and Earthly energies, it is now time to gently weave these expansive experiences back into the fabric of your daily life.

Gradual Return to Awareness:
Slowly and gently, if your eyes are closed, allow them to flutter open. Take a deep, intentional breath, and as you exhale, become aware of the subtle shift in your energy and aura. Feel the room around you, acknowledging the space you are in, and sense the grounding connection between your body and the Earth.

Sharing and Reflection:
If you feel inclined, I invite you to share your experiences, sensations, or insights that emerged during this practice. Verbalising or expressing these moments can be a potent means to solidify and further integrate the energies and realisations you've encountered on this journey.

Diverse Expressions:
Feel free to express yourself in any manner that resonates with you. This could be through words, resonant sounds, melodies, or even moments of shared silence. Honouring your unique expression, let the energies of your journey find their voice.

Integration into Daily Life:
Take a moment to acknowledge the transformative work you've done and gently begin integrating these experiences into your being. Visualise the energies and insights you've garnered seamlessly flowing into your daily actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Closing Gratitude:
As we conclude this practice, let's take a moment to express gratitude for the journey, for the wisdom gained, and for the harmonious integration that is unfolding within. Carry this sense of wholeness and connection with you as you step forward into the rest of your day.


Closing Mudra: Serifël

(Pronounced: Seh-ree-fell)
Seed Syllable: Eirë (Pronounced: Eye-ray)

Entering the Mudra:
As we transition towards the conclusion of our journey, let us gracefully shift into our closing mudra, known as Serifël, to honour, seal, and ground the potent energies we've navigated throughout this transformative session.

Forming Serifël:
To embody the Serifël mudra, gently extend your arms out to the sides, aligning them at shoulder level. Delicately curl your fingers as if you're cradling an ethereal sphere within each hand. Slowly bring your hands inward towards your heart, allowing the invisible spheres to harmoniously "merge". Your fingertips point towards each other but maintain a sacred space without touching. In this graceful alignment, your hands come together to form an invisible "orb" before your heart chakra.

Refocusing Intentions:
With eyes gently closed, re-anchor your focus on your unwavering intention of embodying an indomitable pillar of love and compassion.

Chanting and Visualization:
Inhale deeply, drawing in invigorating energy, and as you exhale, chant the seed syllable "Eirë" thrice. As you vocalise this sacred sound, envision it manifesting as a radiant golden light. This light emanates from the core of your heart, infusing the invisible orb with divine essence.

The Golden Orb:
Visualise this golden orb as a protective and nurturing cocoon encircling you, aligning your entire being with the energy of divine and boundless love. Feel its vibrations resonate with your essence, solidifying your intention and sealing in the transformative energies and emotional releases you've experienced.

Gratitude and Completion:
Pause in this space to offer gratitude to yourself for engaging in this profound practice. Feel a sense of completion and fulfilment, acknowledging that you've enriched your spirit through this work.

Releasing and Returning:
When you feel ready, gently release the mudra, allowing the orb to disperse its energy throughout your being. Open your eyes, and reacquaint yourself with your surroundings. Carry with you all the wisdom, transformation, and revitalised energies that you've cultivated in this extraordinary session. 


Supplementary Suggestions:

  1. Personalisation: Feel free to incorporate your own elements, such as specific mantras, sounds, or mudras that align with your personal beliefs and experiences.
  2. Sound Healing: You may enhance your experience by integrating sound healing elements, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, or ambient music, resonating with the energies you wish to invoke.
  3. Journaling: Consider maintaining a journal to document your experiences, insights, and emotions that emerge during the practice. This can be a powerful tool for reflection and growth.
  4. Community Sharing: If comfortable, share your experiences with a like-minded community. Engaging in collective reflection can offer diverse perspectives and foster a sense of shared journeying.
  5. Consistency and Exploration: While consistency can deepen your practice, exploration of various segments independently allows you to understand and connect with each aspect more intimately.


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