Hanuman Moola Mantra

bajarangabali mantra hanuman mantra hanuman moola mantra life force lord hanuman maruthi om shri hanumate namah pavaniputra sankata-mochana Sep 14, 2022

One of many Hanuman mantras that can be found and discovered, this is the Hanuman moola mantra often recited to assist and help us overcome obstacles and problems coupled with acquiring and fostering the strength, courage and success to enable this to take place. Hanuman is the great warrior and the playful and skilful method by which we can become and embody these qualities within ourselves and most importantly perhaps of all to be of service - to be this help for all others. The true warrior of the heart does not claim victory for his own self service but within the service of unconditional love and compassion for all beings.

Hanuman is known as Sankata-mochana, or " the Remover of Distress ", which gives indication of this abundant and overt help he brings and offers to those that find the courage to embrace these principles, starting within the hearts essence and intelligence. Like the potent warrior this encompasses an immeasurable sense of devotion through which the intellect is also able to be courageous and grow with a beauty and radiance that is able to envelop like the sun on our earth.

ॐ हनुमते नमः

Om Hanumate Namah

Hanuman and this mantra represent loyalty and devotion the warriors service- selfless and true of heart. In the epic take of the Ramayana, Lord Rama journeys to rescue his wife Sita, and in this quest he finds a warrior race of monkeys that are called the Vanaras of which Hanuman of course is one. It is here that Hanuman shows and reveals his help, courage and loyalty which imbues the qualities of friendship...… through this friendship great love and additional strength is attained and brought into play. This is what we are seeing in the image on my recitation video with Hanuman opening his chest to reveal the devotion of his heart to the couple Rama and Sita - who in turn represent togetherness, union and devotion in their own right.

Hanuman is widely considered a perfected yogi, possessing eight siddhis (“mystic perfections”), which include : 

Anima (the ability to become smaller than the smallest),

Mahima (the ability to become infinitely large), 

Laghima (the ability to become lighter than air), 

Prapti (the ability to instantly travel anywhere at will), 

Prakamya (the ability to achieve whatever one desires), 

Isitva (the ability to create or annihilate anything at will), 

Vasitva (the ability to control the elements of material nature), and 

Kamavasayita (the ability to assume any form or shape one desires).

As a Yogi while he may have gained and achieved the above skilful means his dedicates the glory and attainments to be in service for the benefit of all beings.

Hanuman is also the son of the Wind God Vayu. Like a monkey can often be seen, he was mischievous in his youth and perhaps even naughty- which I consider to be very much like a playful wind that graces all that it touches with its flowing breath and dance. The sounds of the mantra if we listen can be like leaves dancing in the wind as they soar through the sky.

Once, as a young child, thinking the sun to be a fruit, Hanuman sprang upwards with outstretched hands in hopes of grabbing it. Blessed with the potency of his divine father Vayu, he soared through the air, getting closer and closer to his goal.

Threatened by his power, Indra, the king of heaven, struck Hanuman down with a thunderbolt, sending him hurling back to the ground where he laid unconscious. Enraged by the sight of his seemingly lifeless son, Vayu withdrew the movement of air necessary for life’s sustenance throughout the universe.

Desperate to prevent cosmic disaster, the gods approached Brahma, the engineer of the universe, for help. Understanding Hanuman to be an exalted devotee of Vishnu who would eventually aid Rama in defeating Ravana, Brahma revived the child, after which all of the most prominent gods blessed him with special abilities, thus pacifying Vayu.

Named for the broken jaw he incurred from the impact of his fall (hanu means “jaw” and man means “prominent”), Hanuman’s name is a reminder of the precarious nature of unbridled power, and how it can often result in dangerous consequences when unguided.

  • Faith (Shraddha)
  • Strength (Virya)
  • Memory (Smriti) 

Three qualities the mantra invokes amongst many other qualities we have already discussed. Like any formula, when you look at the ingredients and the preparation physically and vibrationally into this equation we can surmise some fairly likely meanings, results and impacts from in this case recitation and mind practice.

In the mantra we can feel a sense of faith a wholehearted loving of service and the honour of loyalty to unconditional love and compassion to the teachings of emptiness. From this source we can derive great strength, unsurpassed in its scope and veracity. This strength can remind us, activate and acquire the memory or if you like knowledge of intentionality and its manifestations or results. To return to sender and remember the essence.

So a beautiful mantra with a beautiful essence to behold with each sound each syllable each seedling of devotion and courage taking shape in the ground of our understanding. The fields of heart unfurling and forming a lattice of support and loving devotion to union of all levels of being. As I always like to add- best to try and experience mantras by practice and repition. Allow yourself to find natural and intuitive ways of understanding, as well as reading and learning from teachers and sources of knowledge


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