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Introduction to Reiki and the Cho Ku Rei Symbol

In the tranquil practice of Reiki, a pathway unfurls that leads to profound healing—a journey that originated in Japan and has gracefully rippled out across the globe. At the heart of Reiki lies a captivating concept: there exists a universal life force energy, an invisible stream that courses through every living being. It is a force that, when tapped into and harnessed, is believed to foster healing, to recalibrate the delicate equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit. Reiki practitioners, as the stewards of this art, channel this life force, employing it as a salve to soothe physical discomfort, to mend emotional wounds, and to kindle spiritual well-being, offering a sanctuary of holistic restoration.

The role or symbols in Reiki, is as profound as the practice itself. In Reiki, symbols are revered not merely as icons but as essential instruments of healing. Each one is steeped in significance, a conduit for a particular facet of the universal energy that Reiki is built upon. They act as a bridge, a means for practitioners to engage more intimately with the life force, allowing for a focused and potent direction of energy during the healing process. These symbols serve as silent guides, helping navigate the currents of energy with purpose and intention, thereby enhancing the practitioner's ability to promote balance and healing in the most attuned manner possible.

Within the gallery of Reiki symbols, Cho Ku Rei ascends as the ‘Power Symbol,’ a beacon of concentrated energy and intention. This symbol is the practitioner’s ally, invoked to magnify the healing energies of Reiki. It is akin to turning up the volume of the universe’s whisper, allowing the practitioner to focus the life force like a laser on areas that cry out for healing or on intentions that seek manifestation.

The application of Cho Ku Rei is a sacred commencement, a ritual that marks the beginning of a Reiki session. As the practitioner traces the symbol, it becomes a touchstone for their healing intent, a signal to the universe to channel its energies through their hands. The symbol acts not merely as a switch but as an amplifier, bolstering the healing energies, enabling them to penetrate more deeply, to weave more tightly into the tapestry of the recipient’s energy field.

This profound symbol serves as a compass for those who navigate the healing journey of Reiki, offering direction and intensity to the flow of universal energy. It’s a testament to the power that symbols hold within this practice—a power that bridges the seen and unseen, the healer and the healed, the earth and the cosmos.

Understanding the essence of Reiki and the pivotal role of symbols like Cho Ku Rei enriches one’s perspective of this art. It opens doors to the boundless potential that Reiki offers as a medium for holistic healing and a path to personal evolution, illuminating the ways we can tap into the life-sustaining energies that bind the universe together. With Cho Ku Rei, we access a wellspring of power, protection, and peace—a symbol that guides us back to our intrinsic wholeness.



The Cho Ku Rei Symbol and Its Sound in Reiki Practice

Description of the Cho Ku Rei Symbol The Cho Ku Rei symbol, an integral part of Usui Reiki, is often referred to as the 'Power Symbol.' This symbol is structured with specific elements that carry deep significance:

  • The Horizontal Line: Represents the connection with universal energy.
  • The Vertical Line: Symbolizes the flow of energy from the soul star chakra through the crown chakra and down the primary chakras.
  • The Spiral: Intersects the vertical line at seven points, each point aligning with one of the seven primary chakras.

These components work together to form a symbol resembling a coil. The Cho Ku Rei is designed to enhance the power of Reiki and concentrate energy on a specific purpose​ ​.

Pronunciation and Sound: "Cho Ku Rei" The Cho Ku Rei symbol is pronounced "Cho Koo Ray." In Reiki practice, this symbol functions like a 'switch,' enabling the practitioner to instantly amplify their ability to channel healing energies. It's often used at the start of a session to connect with Reiki energy and to boost the Reiki power as needed during the session​ ​.

The Mantra Aspect: Repeating "CHO KU REI" Integrating the mantra aspect involves mentally repeating the name "CHO KU REI" during meditation and healing sessions. This practice of chanting or saying the symbol's name while focusing on it significantly enhances and concentrates the energies. Repeating the name of the symbol is not just a vocal exercise but a meditative one, deepening the practitioner’s connection to the symbol and amplifying the healing power it represents​ ​​ ​​ ​.

In summary, the Cho Ku Rei symbol, with its distinctive structure and sound, plays a crucial role in Reiki practice. Its visual form combined with the vibrational quality of its name helps Reiki practitioners to connect more profoundly with universal energy, enhancing the healing process. The practice of mentally repeating the symbol's name serves as a powerful tool, heightening the practitioner's focus and the effectiveness of the healing energy channelled through Reiki.



Visualising and Drawing the Cho Ku Rei Symbol in Reiki

How to Draw the Cho Ku Rei Symbol Drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol involves a few straightforward steps, each carrying its own significance:

  1. Start with a Horizontal Line: This line represents the connection to universal energy.
  2. Add a Vertical Line: Draw this line straight down, symbolizing the light flowing from the soul star chakra through the crown chakra and down the primary chakras.
  3. Draw a Spiral: The spiral intersects the vertical line at seven points, ending at the vertical line in the centre. These points represent the seven primary chakras. The entire symbol is drawn in one continuous movement. The central spiral can be drawn clockwise or counter clockwise, with each direction having its specific application​ ​.

Another interpretation suggests that the symbol consists of a spiralling line moving into a straight vertical line, with three horizontal lines crossing it, symbolizing divine protection, love, and light. The drawing begins at the top and moves downwards in a counter clockwise spiral, indicating the flow of energy from the cosmos to the earth​​.


Visualisation Techniques

  1. Meditation and Visualisation: A common practice involves visualising the Cho Ku Rei symbol during meditation. This can be guided by a recorded or live Reiki guide. Visualising the symbol helps in grounding, empowerment, and flow.
  2. Colour and Energy Focus: While visualising the symbol, you can assign it a colour like green, blue, gold, or silver. Focusing on the colour and energy of the symbol enhances the meditation experience.
  3. Mindful Drawing: Practitioners are encouraged to practice drawing the symbol in their mind’s eye, focusing on its structure and the energy it embodies​.

Use in Self-Healing

  • Body Scanning: During self-healing sessions, practitioners can scan their body from head to toe, drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol on areas where healing is needed. This helps in channelling focused healing energy to specific body parts.
  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety: To imbue oneself with calmness, especially when feeling stressed or anxious, visualising the Cho Ku Rei symbol over the third eye chakra is effective. This visualisation increases the symbol’s brightness, promoting calmness and serenity​ ​.

In summary, the practice of drawing and visualising the Cho Ku Rei symbol in Reiki is not just a physical act but a deeply meditative process. It involves understanding the symbol's components, their meanings, and using visualisation techniques to harness its power for healing and personal empowerment. This practice is integral to Reiki, aiding practitioners in channelling universal energy more effectively for healing and spiritual growth.



Integration of the Cho Ku Rei Symbol in Reiki Practice

Enhancing the Practitioner's Ability to Channel Energies The Cho Ku Rei symbol, known as the 'Power Symbol' in Reiki, is fundamental in enhancing the practitioner’s ability to channel energies. It acts as a 'switch' to instantly increase the practitioner's capacity to channel the universal energies, thereby intensifying the power of Reiki. This makes the healing process more potent and focused​ ​.

Use at the Start of a Reiki Session At the beginning of a Reiki session, the Cho Ku Rei symbol is used to connect with Reiki energy and to boost the Reiki power. It assists practitioners in clearing their own channels and empowering their hands, which is vital for the healing process. The symbol is also used over the client’s crown chakra to create a positive energy environment and at the end of the treatment to seal the energy​ ​.

Clearing Negative Energies Cho Ku Rei plays a crucial role in clearing negative energies. During a Reiki session, mentally using this symbol helps clear stagnated energies. It can also be drawn on the walls or in the air around a physical space to cleanse the area of negative energy​​.

Protection for Practitioner and Receiver Drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol provides protection from negative energies for both the practitioner and the receiver. By drawing a large Power Symbol in front of a person or on each of their chakras, the symbol acts as a shield, offering protection on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels​.


Everyday Uses of Cho Ku Rei

  1. Protection and Energy Enhancement: The Cho Ku Rei symbol is used daily for protection and energy enhancement, imbuing the user with a sense of security and vitality.
  2. Imbuing Objects with Positive Energy: Drawing the symbol over meals before eating can remove negative energies, making the food healthier and more nutritious. Similarly, drawing the symbol on medication can reduce side effects and increase effectiveness​ ​​ ​.
  3. Personal Empowerment: Empowering objects such as greetings, gifts, and business cards with Cho Ku Rei enhances personal and professional relationships, promoting the highest good for all involved​ ​.

In summary, the Cho Ku Rei symbol in Reiki is not only a tool for enhancing healing power but also serves multiple purposes in both professional practice and everyday life. Its applications range from energy channelling and clearing negative energies to providing protection and personal empowerment, demonstrating its versatility and profound impact in Reiki healing.



Sound Healing and Cho Ku Rei in Reiki Practice

Spiritual Enlightenment and Chakra Alignment Cho Ku Rei symbolises the ability to illuminate or enlighten spiritually. Each element of the symbol aligns with different aspects of energy flow and chakras:

  • The horizontal line represents the source of Reiki.
  • The vertical line symbolises the flow of energy.
  • The spiral reaches the middle line seven times, representing the alignment with the seven chakras​ ​.

Meditation Practices and Mantra Repetition

  • Repeating the mantra "CHO KU REI" mentally during meditation can significantly enhance the healing process. The longer the meditation with the symbol, the more powerful the degree of healing, as the symbol and mantra embody all that is needed for healing​ ​.
  • The symbol helps in awakening consciousness and breaking physical and mental limitations. The soul, which sees through the body, already understands the symbol's meaning and uses it for self-healing​ ​.

Guided Meditation Techniques

  1. Visualising as a Light Being: Create an exact copy of yourself in your mind and visualise yourself as a light being to move more healing energies. Place the hands of your mental copy on areas of pain or illness for self-healing​ ​.
  2. Distant Healing Meditation: If visualisation is challenging, keep the symbol in sight. Meditate on healing a person by mentally sending the Cho Ku Rei symbol and repeating the mantra. This practice works over the auric field and activates telepathic distant healing​ ​.
  3. Mental Visitation for Healing: Mentally visit a person in need of healing and use your mental copy for the healing process. The person's soul will recognise the healing intention​ ​.

These practices demonstrate the multifaceted use of the Cho Ku Rei symbol in sound healing, emphasising its role in spiritual enlightenment, chakra alignment, meditation, and self-healing within Reiki.



Conclusion: Embracing the Power of the Cho Ku Rei Symbol in Reiki and Beyond

The Cho Ku Rei Symbol: A Beacon of Reiki Power The Cho Ku Rei symbol, also known as the "Power Symbol" in Reiki, stands as a pivotal element in the practice of this healing art. Its design—a combination of a horizontal line, a vertical line, and a spiraling curve—symbolises a deep connection with universal energy, the flow of spiritual light, and alignment with the seven chakras. This symbol acts as a 'switch,' amplifying the Reiki practitioner's ability to channel healing energies, thereby intensifying the healing process​ ​​ ​.

Beyond Healing: A Symbol for Everyday Life - Cho Ku Rei transcends the boundaries of traditional Reiki sessions, finding its place in daily life as a tool for protection, energy enhancement, and personal empowerment. Its use in clearing negative energies, imbuing objects like food and gifts with positive energy, and enhancing personal and professional relationships exemplifies its versatility and profound impact​.

Sound Healing and Spiritual Growth - The mantra aspect of Cho Ku Rei, involving the repetition of its name, opens doors to spiritual enlightenment and self-healing. Meditation practices focusing on this symbol can lead to breaking physical and mental limitations, offering a pathway to spiritual awakening and personal transformation​ ​​ ​.

A Call to Explore and Integrate As we conclude this exploration of the Cho Ku Rei symbol, it's evident that its applications in Reiki and everyday life are both diverse and profound. This symbol is not just a tool for energy manipulation in healing sessions; it is a gateway to deeper spiritual understanding and personal growth.

We encourage our readers to delve into the world of Cho Ku Rei, to integrate this symbol and its sound into their own practices. Whether you are a seasoned Reiki practitioner or new to the concept of energy healing, the Cho Ku Rei symbol offers a rich field of exploration. By incorporating this symbol into your daily routine and meditation practices, you open yourself to a world where healing, protection, and spiritual enlightenment are continually evolving experiences.

Let the Cho Ku Rei be your guide in this journey, helping you tap into deeper levels of consciousness and harness the universal energies for healing, protection, and personal empowerment. This is your invitation to embrace the full potential of the Cho Ku Rei symbol, making it an integral part of your journey in Reiki and beyond.

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