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''As part of my Tree lore series taken from my weekly classes in the Resonance Room community - here is a glimpse and hopefully an inspiration of some ways in which we can work with the qualities of the Ash tree in a practical and magical way. There is a little explanation of the usual information you can find on the internet on and around the subject, but with this article I want to provide something new and unique and something you wont find elsewhere. So I have included two practices and exercises for integrating the teachings of ash. A mantra and sound recording of the chant has been shared and some practical ways we can engage with the qualities. This post is by no means an authority on the subject and if anything my hope is that this is an inspiration or guide to working with this wonderful being''



Historical & Mythological associations with the Ash Tree

The Ash tree, deeply interwoven into the fabric of various ancient cultures, embodies more than just its physical presence. It represents a bridge between the spiritual and the earthly, offering wisdom, protection, and a touch of the divine across numerous mythologies and practices.

In Norse mythology, although not directly associated with Yggdrasil, the Ash tree still plays a significant role in cultural narratives, symbolizing life's interconnectedness and serving as a spiritual beacon. The Celts revered the Ash for its robust wood, utilizing it in rituals that celebrated vitality and renewal, especially during the Beltane festival to mark the summer's onset.

To Native American communities, the Ash tree was a source of both medicinal remedies and a catalyst for fostering unity and spiritual connection. It underscored the deep respect these cultures had for nature's balance and its integral role in healing practices.

In Asia, the Ash tree is admired for its enduring qualities and is often associated with wisdom and the cycle of life and death, signifying a profound bond between humanity and the cosmos.

Divination Meanings and Practices:

The Ash tree's significance extends into divination, where it serves as a symbol of the unity between the inner self and the outer world. It reflects a holistic approach to healing, emphasizing the importance of harmony between humans and nature. The tree is closely linked to themes of healing and protection, suggesting a mutual health interdependence between humans and Ash trees. It also embodies the journey toward self-mastery, encouraging individuals to cultivate inner knowledge and resilience.

Medicinal Properties:

The Ash tree is recognized for its medicinal properties. Its leaves, known for their diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects, can help with various conditions like arthritis and gout. The bark acts as a bitter tonic and astringent, historically used to treat fevers. Traditional uses also highlight its efficacy in treating wounds, heart conditions, and even leprosy, demonstrating its broad therapeutic range.

Cultural and Spiritual Connections:

Throughout history, the Ash tree has been enveloped in folklore and mystical practices, offering protection and serving as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms. Its wood and leaves have been used in creating talismans and amulets, believed to ward off evil and disease.

Incorporating the Ash tree into one's life, whether through direct interaction or symbolic representation, can enhance one's spiritual practice, offer protection, and invite healing and wisdom. Reflecting on the Ash tree's enduring qualities and its sacred place in myth and legend can deepen one's connection to the natural world and the ancient wisdom it holds.




The Archer of Intentionality

The Archer of Intentionality practice, deeply rooted in the Ash tree's magical and spiritual properties, offers a profound method for manifesting intentions and desires through a blend of traditional and innovative magical techniques. This holistic ritual combines the physical act of crafting and releasing an arrow with the vibrational power of sound and the focused intent of the practitioner. Here's an integration of the key components of this practice, emphasizing its depth and transformative potential:

Crafting the Arrow: The process begins with selecting Ash wood, revered for its connection to wisdom and interconnectivity in various mythologies. By fashioning an arrow from this sacred wood, the practitioner engages in a ritual that not only honours the Ash tree's legacy but also imbues the arrow with its inherent qualities of protection, insight, and the facilitation of change.

Magnetizing and Attraction Magic: The crafted Ash arrow becomes a talisman, charged with the practitioner's specific intentions. Drawing the bow and aiming the arrow symbolize the concentration of will and energy, embodying the law of attraction through a physical gesture that magnifies the practitioner's desire to draw the target of their intention closer.

Incorporating Sound: Sound is introduced as a vibrational anchor, enhancing the ritual's effectiveness. The practitioner vocalizes a sound, chant, or mantra that resonates with their intention, creating a sonic thread that guides the arrow towards the target. This integration of sound amplifies the arrow's purpose, ensuring a clear and directed pathway for the intention to manifest.

Visualisation and Vocalization: The act of visualising the arrow's flight path, combined with vocalization, solidifies the intention's trajectory, ensuring its alignment with the desired outcome. The sound becomes a guiding force, propelling the intention through the cosmos with precision and clarity.

Release and Trust: Releasing the arrow signifies the release of the practitioner's intention into the universe, trusting in the natural world's inherent energies and the Ash tree's magical properties to bring about the desired outcome. This act closes the ritual, leaving a profound connection between the material and the spiritual, highlighting the Ash tree's role as a mediator of worlds and a conduit for universal wisdom.

This practice, the Archer of Intentionality, serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of all things and the power of aligning one's will with the universal forces of attraction and manifestation. It is a celebration of the Ash tree's enduring presence and the myriad ways it continues to enrich our spiritual practices and understanding of the natural world.

The Archer of Intentionality ritual encapsulates a profound practice of manifestation, deeply rooted in the essence of the Ash tree, and enriched by the intentional use of sound—"ooshin." This ritual unfolds in phases, each step thoughtfully designed to harness the spiritual and magical properties of the Ash, aligning the practitioner's will with the universal energies for the realization of goals and aspirations.


Phases of the Ritual:

  1. Preparation and Vocalization: Initiating with the crafting or selection of an Ash wood arrow, the practitioner vocalizes "oo," symbolizing the initial phase of drawing the bow. This act of preparation is a moment of connection, acknowledging the sacred and magical properties of the Ash tree, setting the stage for the intention to be focused and charged.

  2. Alignment with Essence: Aligning with the Ash tree's essence involves a meditative acknowledgment of its role as a spiritual bridge and a source of wisdom. This step deepens the practitioner's connection to the tree's energy, preparing them for the act of manifestation.

  3. Sound Selection and Vocalization: Choosing a sound that resonates with the intended goal amplifies the ritual's effectiveness. "Oo" for drawing closer the energies and "shin" for the moment of release, these sounds are vocalized to create a vibrational thread, guiding the intention towards its target.

  4. Drawing and Releasing with Intent: The drawing of the bow with "oo" and the transition to "shin" at the moment of release symbolize the focused intention being sent towards the desired outcome. This phase is critical, as it embodies the act of manifesting the goal, supported by the Ash tree's properties and the practitioner's will.

  5. Acknowledgment and Release: Concluding the ritual, the practitioner acknowledges the release of their intention into the universe, trusting in the natural and spiritual forces to bring forth the desired outcome. This acknowledgment is a release not only of the arrow but also of attachment to the result, opening the path for wisdom and insight to flow.

  6. Integration of Material and Spiritual: This practice marries the physical elements of the ritual with its spiritual dimensions, highlighting the profound connection between the practitioner, the Ash tree, and the universe. The intentional use of sound "ooshin" enriches the ritual, making it a powerful act of alchemy and magic.

The Archer of Intentionality, especially when enriched with "ooshin," stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of sound, intention, and the natural world. It leverages the Ash tree's role as a conduit for wisdom and transformation, embodying the essence of focused intent and the power of aligning one's will with the forces of attraction and manifestation. Through this ritual, practitioners are invited to engage deeply with the symbolic and literal strengths of the Ash tree, exploring the transformative potential of sound and the ancient art of archery to manifest desires, achieve goals, and acquire knowledge.


Gathering The Sap: Ash & The Alchemical Flame

  1. Preparation: Begin in a quiet, natural setting where Ash trees are present, if possible. Ground yourself in the moment, focusing on the connection between your feet and the earth. Take deep, slow breaths to centre your mind and open yourself to the energies around you.

  2. Connection with the Ash Tree: Approach an Ash tree with respect and gratitude. Place your hands upon its bark, close your eyes, and envision the tree's deep roots and towering presence. Recognize the Ash as a living being, with its sap flowing like blood through its veins, rich in flammable components that symbolize the alchemical fire.

  3. Drawing the Sap:

    • With your hands still on the tree, begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically. With each inhalation, visualize drawing the tree's sap into your own body, starting at your feet and rising through your legs, spine, and into your heart centre. Imagine this sap as a glowing, warm light, filled with the tree's vitality and strength.
    • Use the sound "ooshin" as a vocal anchor during this process, where "oo" signifies the drawing of energy and "shin" embodies the fiery essence of the sap. Let this sound harmonize with your breath, enhancing the energetic transfer.
  4. Igniting the Inner Flame:

    • Once you feel the warmth of the sap within your heart centre, focus on igniting this energy, transforming it into a vibrant flame. Visualize this flame spreading throughout your body with each breath, warming and invigorating every cell with the Ash tree's life force.
    • As the flame expands, envision any areas of illness or imbalance within you being touched by this warmth, gently healing and restoring your body to its natural state of health.
  5. Welcoming Health and Vitality:

    • With the inner flame burning brightly, affirm your intention for health, vitality, and regeneration. Feel the energy of the Ash tree merging with your own, reinforcing your physical and spiritual resilience.
    • Imagine the flames within you reaching outwards, connecting back to the tree, forming a cycle of energy that binds you together in mutual healing and protection.
  6. Closing the Ritual:

    • Gradually bring your awareness back to the present moment, grounding the energy and ensuring that you leave no trace of imbalance behind.
    • Thank the Ash tree for its gift, recognizing the sacred exchange that has taken place. Leave the space with gratitude and a sense of renewed connection to the natural world.
  7. Integration:

    • In the days following the ritual, observe any changes in your physical or emotional well-being. Keep a journal to record your experiences and reflections, allowing the insights gained from the Ash tree to continue guiding you on your path to health and vitality.

Through Gathering The Sap, practitioners can harness the Ash tree's elemental energies, bridging the gap between the material and the spiritual, and fostering a deep healing process that rejuvenates the body and soul. This practice serves as a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness with nature and the alchemical transformations that are possible when we align with the natural world's inherent wisdom.


Invocation of the Ash Tree’s Qualities and Magical Medicine

O mighty Ash, whose roots delve deep and branches reach high,
Bearer of wisdom, keeper of secrets, under your vast canopy, we gather.
From your essence, we seek ancient truths, and in your presence, we find shelter.
With each breath, we whisper, drawing in your vitality, your resilient spirit that flows.

You, who stands steadfast through changing times,
Whose leaves whisper the secrets of ages past and present,
Grant us your protection, your healing embrace,
As we walk the paths illuminated by your grace.

Ash, sacred and strong, with your wood forged into tools of intention,
Let our aims be true as we draw from your strength,
Propelling our wills towards the goals we set,
With the same precision and clarity your essence begets.

In the warmth of your spirit, we ignite the flames within,
Spreading life force throughout, inviting health and vitality to begin.
Bless us with regeneration, O Ash, in this sacred invocation,
As we honour you, in reverence and in admiration.

Guardian of sacred spaces, under whose boughs whispers of the divine sing,
Infuse our spirits with your magic, guide us with the wisdom you bring.
Connect us to the energies that dance through your leaves,
In a cycle of giving and receiving, in the bonds that weave.

We call upon your essence, O Ash, in reverence and awe,
To weave your qualities into our lives, in accordance with nature’s law.
Stand with us, O Ash, as a beacon of endurance and might,
Guide us through the shadows, and into the light.






  • Ashaen (wisdom): AH-shayn
  • Guidluce (guard's light, protection): gweed-LOO-chay
  • Livbryn (life's breath, vitality): LEEV-brin
  • Pathren (change's path, transformation): PATH-ren
  • Solwevin (solinal weave, light of transformation): SOL-weh-veen


  • Ashaen draws from "Ash," embodying wisdom and a deep connection to nature, distinctively shortened to diversify the phonetic ending.
  • Guidluce combines guidance (guid) and light (luce), suggesting protection illuminated by clarity.
  • Livbryn merges life (liv) with flow or stream (bryn), hinting at vitality and the energy that sustains us.
  • Pathren indicates the journey of transformation and change, with "path" signifying the way forward and "ren" denoting motion or progression.
  • Solwevin integrates sol (sun, invoking the quality of radiant light and enlightenment) with wevin (to weave), encapsulating the act of interlacing these sacred qualities within oneself.

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Some Ideas for Working with Ash Tree

Exploring the spiritual, magical, and healing attributes of the Ash tree offers a path to enrich one's life with its ancient wisdom and strength. Here are adapted practices to connect with the essence and

This prompts and idea help us to practice with the virtues of the Ash, catering both to those who can physically interact with this majestic tree and those who might not have direct access:

  1. Crafting Protection Charms

    • With Access: Fashion protection charms from Ash wood or leaves. You might carve runes into Ash twigs or create amulets with its leaves, believed to ward off negative energies. Place these in strategic locations for protection.
    • Without Access: Employ imagery or symbols of the Ash tree in your protective charms. Sketching or visualizing the Ash, focusing on its sturdy trunk and expansive canopy, can also invoke its safeguarding essence.
  2. Honouring the Divine and Fostering Otherworld Connections

    • With Access: Conduct meditative practices beneath an Ash tree, seeking wisdom or enhancing your spiritual connections. Incorporate its leaves or bark in your altar as a symbol of the bridge between worlds.
    • Without Access: Visualize an Ash tree during meditation or establish an altar space that includes representations of the Ash to symbolize your spiritual connections.
  3. Embracing Strength and Resilience

    • With Access: Reflect on your personal growth and resilience in the presence of an Ash tree. Collect its seeds or leaves as symbols of endurance and the cycle of life.
    • Without Access: Integrate the imagery or colours associated with the Ash (such as the green of its leaves) in your attire or home décor to remind yourself of your inner strength and the protection it embodies.
  4. Safeguarding Travels and Homes

    • With Access: Plant an Ash tree near your residence or carry a piece of its bark or leaf as a travel amulet for protection.
    • Without Access: Craft a travel charm or keep a symbol of the Ash in your vehicle or travel bag to invoke its protective qualities during journeys.
  5. Utilizing Healing Properties

    • With Access: If possible, harvest Ash leaves (responsibly and ethically) to prepare herbal teas or infusions, tapping into the tree's reputed health benefits.
    • Without Access: Seek out Ash leaf products from herbal suppliers for their medicinal properties or use imagery of the Ash in meditations focused on healing.
  6. Fostering Creativity and Psychic Insights

    • With Access: Use pieces of Ash wood for crafting, such as carving or creating art that draws inspiration from its essence. Being near an Ash can also inspire creative insights or enhance psychic abilities.
    • Without Access: Incorporate Ash tree imagery into creative projects or when seeking intuitive guidance, imagining the tree to boost your inspiration and psychic connection.
  7. Celebrating Rituals and Seasonal Transitions

    • With Access: Hold gatherings or perform rituals under the canopy of an Ash tree for seasonal festivities, using its branches, leaves, or seeds to honour the natural cycles.
    • Without Access: Bring the Ash tree into your seasonal rituals through decorations, art, or storytelling, acknowledging its role in protection and marking seasonal shifts.

These practices, adaptable to various levels of access to the Ash tree, invite a deeper communion with its enduring spirit, offering protection, wisdom, and connection to the cycles of nature and the unseen realms.


Some Journaling Reflections and Ideas for our Work

Reflecting on your journey with the Ash tree and its myriad qualities can deepen your understanding and connection to this majestic being. Here are ten reflective prompts designed to accompany the practices related to embracing the Ash tree's spiritual, magical, and healing properties:

  1. Reflection on Protection: How do you feel when you imagine the protective embrace of the Ash tree around your home or while traveling? Reflect on any changes in your sense of security or well-being.

  2. Divine Connections: After meditating with the Ash tree, either physically or through visualization, what insights or feelings emerged? Did you sense a deeper connection to the divine or the Otherworld?

  3. Strength and Resilience: What aspects of your life mirror the strength and resilience of the Ash tree? Contemplate the cycles of growth and rebirth in your own experience.

  4. Sacred Symbols: If you crafted or visualized an Ash tree charm or symbol, what intentions did you infuse it with? Reflect on the process and any shifts in energy or awareness you've noticed.

  5. Healing Energies: In working with the Ash tree for healing, whether through direct contact or visualization, what aspects of your health or wellness have you focused on? Observe any changes or revelations.

  6. Creative Inspiration: How has the essence of the Ash tree influenced your creative expressions or psychic practices? Reflect on any new inspirations or enhanced intuitions.

  7. Seasonal Rituals: Following a ritual or celebration involving the Ash tree, what emotions or revelations surfaced? Consider how the tree's energy contributed to the observance.

  8. Guardianship and Guidance: As you contemplate the Ash tree's role as a guardian and guide, how do you see this reflected in your life? Are there areas where you seek more guidance or protection?

  9. Personal Growth: How has integrating the qualities of the Ash tree into your life influenced your personal growth or spiritual path? Reflect on specific instances or feelings.

  10. Future Intentions: Looking forward, how do you wish to further incorporate the Ash tree's wisdom, protection, and vitality into your practices or daily life? Set intentions for continued connection and learning.

These reflective prompts encourage introspection and deeper engagement with the Ash tree's powerful attributes, fostering a personal and transformative journey aligned with nature's cycles and the universal energies embodied by the Ash.

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