Druidic Song Stones for Divination and Inspiration

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Finding your song stone is a Druidic practice that involves working with and discovering your innate powers of intuition and developing them sufficiently in such a way that you can teach yourself to listen better to the music of the world. In this sense deep listening is a practice not just useful for musicians and musical creators but for anyone looking for inspiration, or for people that want to hear the wisdom of the world and how it can help them in their spiritual journeying. As long as your heart and mind is open sufficiently to enter into this communication and be part of the conversation, it is something that anyone can try and see for themselves. I make no guarantees or promises, as each person experiences life in their own unique way, but this is something that I want to share, and if it is of benefit then the purpose of this article is fulfilled.

Through the tonality of alignment with the earth of which the stone is an integral part, fused with the minerals and compounds of millions of years of existence, the stone can be used for divination, and the unlocking of ancestral memory. Also it can be used to experience the memory of all life and the earth itself. These stones will often be found amongst lines or places of power and potent life force energy that converges, meets and distils in the landscapes around us.

So I will briefly recount my story of finding and connecting with this practice, and then explain some simple steps of the process so that you can try it for yourself. 

While sitting in meditation visiting my inner grove, I was told by my principle teacher tree to go in search of a song stone. I was told that I should go in search in the physical realm for my stone, in the stream that runs through the forest beside my home. I was told that I would know where it was just by listening and hearing it’s calling.

So the next day I went in search for it, and entered the forest to embark on this quest. There is always some trepidation I find doing these things, no matter how many times it seems to work out and be synchronous, there is always for me this thought of what am I doing ? what if this is a load of nonsense ? etc. I am learning to take that with a pinch of salt, as conversely I find it balanced to be discerning and remember that not every intuition is ''correct'' or to be trusted implicitly. A healthy scepticism I like to refer to it as, but that's why I like to try these things and experience them first hand. Then we can examine, discern and make up our own minds on the matter.  So on I trundled through the undergrowth of the forest in search for my stone.

I like to think of it as purposely walking with no purpose. A way of travelling through the land with an empty and therefore full mind of focus, relaxed and open to hear and listen. This is deep listening. In one respect this sense of openness reveals the nature of emptiness, or the interdependent/ interconnected nature of all beings. This open presence of deep listening reveals a true nature of awareness, that we can participate with and tap into. 

After a short time allowing the instinct and antennae to direct me, a path led me to an exact spot where I could peer into the stream. Sure enough as I was gazing into the stream I was drawn to one particular stone , that instantly felt familiar and right. It was just sitting there looking up at me through the crystal flow . So I picked it up out of the water and it instantly felt good. I went straight to holding it as you see in the video above.

The thing that struck me was how perfectly it fitted into my hand. In this position there is a perfect thumb sized groove for me that follows the exact contours of my thumb - the size and shape ! The ridge which is rectangular shaped as you can see, perfectly fits the length and proportions of my index finger as well.


The next feeling and thought that occurred as I was holding it so , is the perception of how in previous incarnations I have held this very stone and used it in such a way . It felt so strongly that this was the case. So even if it's just pure imagination and fantasy, what a lovely feeling this story was to me, as this was not the first time meeting this stone and holding it. So there you have it the story of how I came to find my song stone.

The purpose of a song stone is to teach us the art of listening, and through that divination. Holding it and being with it we can hear messages and knowledge from the world and use it to channel and divine through. It’s a point of access for us through the earthing, to enter into the music of creation (which is constantly there and available to us all ),  for this device acts as a receptacle, a conduit to help and aid in these aspects.

A few steps to consider in the process of finding your stone : 

  • Relax keep an open mind and go walk in nature for your stone.
  • With the heart jewel you already have, radiate and receive and listen gently, allowing your intuition to guide you to an area. Trust your instincts.
  • See if you are ''called'' or conversely you can call to it (same thing).
  • Once you find the spot allow your eyes to gaze and to be drawn, looking to the earth.
  • See and find your stone, perhaps you may need to dig a little. Do not be dismayed if you find nothing, relax and begin again trusting you will find it.
  • You will know when you have found it, as it will know you also.
  • Quite likely you won't feel the need too, but it never hurts to ask permission to pick it up and remove it- make friends with it.
  • It will feel good in your hands and right, hold it like you know how. At this point it is likely you will feel strong flow of energy that is balanced and healing also.
  • Hold it with the mind and the hearts ears, listening and perhaps close the eyes to focus and allow what comes through. It could be words, music, information memories all kinds of teachings.
  • You can use it as a divination tool or a creative generator of ideas, music all kinds of art forms and inspirations. 

Things that I use it for as examples :

  • Writing music or overcoming writers block. I find by holding it and relaxing melodies and ideas tend to flow.
  • Grounding and relaxing.
  • Healing if you feel unwell or sick.
  • General divination, asking questions to get an overview or specific answer ( again as always be discerning ).
  • Meditation and journeying. You can hold it between the forefingers just beneath the navel with the apex of the triangle pointing toward the secret chakra.

Part of the quest is to go in search for your stone and the journey in finding it, so I suggest that you do not buy one or use a crystal from another part of the world- this is about connecting with your landscape and yourself. Its not a problem of course to use a crystal or something you have bought or been given but I recommend to not. There is only one way to practice and develop these skills and it is to practice and develop them. Money is not needed, almost everywhere on this planet are rocks and stones. However if you do live somewhere devoid of stones - then ignore me ! :)

I recommend others do not touch it and hold it too much, it is quite a personal item of power and a unique friendship. Better to show others how to find and connect with their own.

This article is just a guide and is by no means the only way to do this. It may not be for everyone, you may not find it useful or perhaps have tried it but decided against it. Again trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you. Equally do not be dismayed if you try it and '' it doesn't work'', everyone can explore their spirituality and find their own beautiful and potent way to develop their divination skills.

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