Eorðe Héahrodor


Welcome to my website – here is the central hub for the music and sounds I produce and various creative projects, as well as my practice as a sound healer, druid and man of medicine.  Here you can listen and stream my songs and sounds, buy tickets to physical and online sessions that I host & follow my work via the blog. You can also book one to one client sound healing sessions and medicine work, and request group/ workshop bookings.

I am a professionally trained sound healer and musician, that specialises in mantra, mudra and chant using the healing transformative instrument that is the human voice, accompanied by other instruments and sounds. I organise and facilitate physical group and one to one sacred sound workshops Internationally and more locally in south west UK, and also the same work through online classes, courses and teachings.

My work draws upon a fusion of global traditions of sacred sound and music, and the indigenous medicine path of the British Isles, and my journey of mantrayana as a Ngakpa over many lifetimes. I merge Tree and Plant Lore and Dzogchen through my healing work and teach various meditation techniques and energy work, and how we can use them with sacred sound as a ripening and awakening tool of transformation, balance and harmony.

I am also the founding member of The Mind Orchestra, a band and musical collective, that creates music online together with musicians from around the world, and my songs released as the Mind Orchestra are the creative expressions I feel to share.

We can call ourselves this and that, devise labels and things to describe ourselves but what really matters is the heart essence (bréostsefa aweosung), this is the guiding principle I endeavor to embody and use in all my work as a healer and songwriter.