Empower Your Voice, Transform Your Life: Discover Tailored 1:1 Sound Healing Coaching


Embark on a transformative journey with our bespoke Sound Healing Coaching, designed to unearth and amplify the beauty and truth of your inner voice. Our approach is deeply personal and grounded, tailored to integrate seamlessly into your daily life. As we work together, the focus is on fostering sustainable change and a resonant transformation that becomes an intrinsic part of your being. Our dynamic and adaptive coaching evolves with you, ready to explore any aspect of sound healing as new challenges and inspirations arise, ensuring a journey as unique as you are.

Gain exclusive access to a wealth of tailored resources through your personal portal, and connect with our sound healing community, The Resonance Room, for an added dimension of support and enrichment. With flexible scheduling and bundles available in 10, 50, and 100 one-hour sessions, each offering significant discounts, we make your path to transformation both accessible and deeply impactful. Start your journey towards self-discovery and profound transformation today; let us guide you to empower your potential and embrace the true essence of your being.


Why Choose This Journey?

  • Bespoke Transformation: Our approach is tailored to you, crafting a unique path.
  • Dynamic & Adaptive: Life changes, and so do we. Our coaching evolves with you.
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Schedule sessions when they suit you.
  • Comprehensive Support: We are here to guide you with expertise and empathy.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our sound healing community, The Resonance Room.


Choose Your Path:

  • Explore (10 Sessions): A taste of transformation, ideal for beginners.
  • Deep Dive (50 Sessions): For those ready to commit to significant change.
  • Total Transformation (100 Sessions): Embark on a comprehensive journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Begin the work of transforming your life today. Dive into the depths of your potential and empower your inner voice. Your path to self-discovery and profound transformation is just a click away. Let’s start this beautiful journey together.


10 Session Bundle Multipay

6 payments of £55

Top features

  • Get 10 hours of coaching by spreading the cost over six months

50 Session Bundle Multipay

6 payments of £260

Most Popular

  • Get 50 hours of coaching by spreading the cost over six months

100 Session Bundle Multipay

6 Payments of £470

Top features

  • Get 100 hours of coaching by spreading the cost over six months

One Time only Payments

Explore the three options below for a simple pay once option 

10-Session Bundle


Top features

  • Flexible Booking
  • Tailored Programme
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Aftercare Support
  • Price includes £80 Discount
  • 10 Hours of Coaching

50-Session Bundle


Most Popular

  • All 10 session bundle package plus:
  • One year's Free access to the Resonance Room sound healing community
  • £500 Discount applied - the equivalent to over ten sessions free
  • 50 Hours of Coaching

100-Session Bundle


Top features

  • All of the above plus:
  • Ongoing and permanent access to the Resonance Room - so you never need to pay to be part of the community
  •  An incredible Discount of £1200 added to the price ! The equivalent of 30 sessions FREE
  • 100 Hours of Coaching plus certification


Compose the Soundtrack of Your Best Life

You are the composer and the instrument of your own life's symphony. Isn't it time you took up the conductor's baton? Your holistic wellness awaits a masterful performance, and it starts with one decision, one click.

  • Not just a service, an investment in your very essence.
  • Shift the resonance of your life from discord to harmony.
  • Move from hesitation to empowered expression.

The Alchemy of Change

  • Personal Empowerment: Master your emotional and mental landscape with the transformative power of sound healing. Achieve a deeper sense of self and emotional control, enhancing your overall well-being.

  • Tailored Personal Development: Each session is custom-designed, aligning perfectly with your unique path and goals. Receive personalised attention and guidance, ensuring a journey that's exclusively yours.

  • Wellness & Mindfulness: Integrate harmony into your daily life. Learn techniques for peace and wellness that blend seamlessly with your everyday routines, fostering a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

  • Flexible Learning & Scheduling: Adapt your sessions to fit your busy lifestyle. With flexible scheduling, our coaching fits into your life, making personal growth both accessible and convenient.

  • Expert Guidance & Support: Benefit from my years of experience as a dedicated and certified sound healer. I offer not just guidance but ongoing support, helping you stay motivated and on track towards achieving your goals.

  • Lasting Results: Expect transformative outcomes that last. Whether you're seeking to alleviate stress, enhance relaxation, or improve concentration, our sound healing coaching is designed to bring lasting improvements to your life.

Embark on a journey of transformation with sound healing coaching that promises not just change, but growth and fulfillment tailored just for you.