I am a lifelong musician and lover of the magical and expressive joy of music. As a professionally qualified sound healer I teach groups both online and in person internationally. Equally I work with 1:1 clients on and offline.

My speciality is the voice and mantra, however I have trained in multiple instruments that I use in my sessions.

Some people like to just relax and listen to healing music and sounds, others want to learn for themselves how they too can use sound as a healing modality. So I work with the needs of my client/clients and help facilitate a finding of health balance and joy through music.

Since 2014 I have been releasing music as The Mind Orchestra, which acts as my sonic vehicle for songs, and expressions in sound. I compose for film and documentaries, and make music that fuses all of my inspirations from the world.

My number one motive is to teach and share with people the simple direct and powerful way in which we can use sound to heal and transform every aspect of our being. I believe in simplicity and showing people how they can incorporate healing techniques into their everyday life.

The purpose of this website is to share what I create and have to offer to be of benefit to others. So here you will find music, courses and the ability to book sessions with me and so much more.

If you have any questions or creative proposals please do not hesitate to reach out and message me.


''Like any human being as you go through life, you can struggle and encounter personal difficulties and suffering. For me faced with a path of self destruction and unhappiness, I chose to learn and practice how to heal myself, to move forward and not look back.

To work as a healer requires you to do your own inner work and keep at it, learning all the time. My motivation is to be of service and facilitate the wellbeing and balance of those in need. My primary mode of delivery is through sound. 

The work I do is open to all, no matter where you are from or what you beleive. I focus on simplicity, simple direct practices - practical applications. I make no bold claims or promises other than I will do my best to help.''

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My three main platforms of delivery

Simple direct experience of using and listening to sound. Understanding the powerful universal ways in which it can heal and transform all aspects of your being.

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