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Here you can book and purchase any of my services. I am a qualified, fully insured and trained professional sound healer with many years of experience.


The Resonance Room

Our Online Sound Healing Community is a warm and supportive space where you can connect with like-minded individuals and immerse yourself in the benefits of sacred sound. Click the button below to learn more and take the next steps along this path.

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Group Class

Experience the power of sound healing and join our weekly online group classes. Each class is a unique opportunity to connect with others and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. And the best part? You decide what it's worth to you. Book your spot now and start your journey to wellness with the flexibility of Pay What You Want pricing.

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Online Courses

Discover the transformative power of sound healing with our exclusive online courses! Sign up now and take your learning journey at your own pace. Our unique curriculum is designed to guide you through the principles and practices of sound healing, and best of all, each course is offered at a Pay What You Want price. Embrace this opportunity to elevate and empower your wellness and bring balance to your life. Click the button below and start your journey today!

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1:1 Coaching & Training Sessions 

Elevate your sound healing journey with personalised 1:1 coaching and training from a qualified and experienced professional. Transform your life with the power of sound, book your place for one-on-one sessions with me today. Choose from our expertly crafted coaching bundles, designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Invest in your well-being and start your journey towards inner peace and harmony now. Click the button below to explore and connect with me.

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Blessings for You

I would like to welcome you here to my world of sound healing with this 3D audio recording of the seven syllable mantra of Chenrezig.

A simple improvised recitation using voice and a chime. May this sound deeply relax you and open your heart.

Download Free 3D audio of the Mantra