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Enrol today in our powerful and direct learning experience to unlock the healing power of working with the Five Elements, using sounds and energetic gestures. 
In this course you will learn the seed syllable sounds and mudras for each of the 5 elements. We look at the alchemical potential of working directly using this practice, and how it can transform and balance our lives.
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This course is designed for people of all levels, and will give you a complete practice you can incorporate into your everyday life.


A Testimonial
''This Five Elements class is friendly and fun! The teacher makes these ancient teachings applicable to our modern lives as well as fun to learn. There is such power in simplicity, but also in frequency as sound. And I think we are just at the beginning of understanding the positive implications of these two things into the future. Sri Rama Krishna has said that at this time we are in, the Kali Yuga, mantra will be extremely valuable. And the famous psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that sound will be the medicine of the future. Nick gent is a certified sound healer, a student of Druidry and musician.'' -Sri Vani