Birth Chart Soundscapes



By popular demand – for the first time we offer bespoke Healing Soundscapes inspired and influenced directly by your birth chart.

How it works 🙂 Once you have paid- you will be sent an email requesting the following

  • Date of Birth
  • Day of Birth i.e Thursday
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth ( town, city, village)

We will then formulate a birth chart for you, and the information we will use to create your own unique healing soundscape. You can expect to receive it within 2-3 working days sent via email to you as a 1-2 minute video with accompanying HD wav file also. Due to the low price and hours taken making it, please keep in mind there is no refund for this item. Also please remember that this is sound healing transmission and not a song so to speak.

  • Once the video and WAV file have been sent to you the information you have provided is deleted and not kept or given to anyone.


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