Why did I join Patreon ?
I decided to join Patreon as a creator, so I can build and develop a community of fans and appreciators, that I can directly share and interact with. I love creating songs and sounds, and help healing people. I am excited at the opportunity to support my Son and I through my creative inspirations and for my fans to be a part of that journey with me.

What do you get for being a Patron ?
By becoming my Patron, you will be the first to see and hear what I make, before anyone else, before any official releases. I will be making and dreaming things up just for you. There will be bespoke creations no one else will have access too. Special rewards and content will be made available, sound healings, songs, unreleased mixes, videos, articles and all kinds of other media I conjure up. I will also be doing interviews with my collaborators, and sharing with you selected content that I make with them. You will get to experience our inner world of music and sound making, in the knowledge that you inspire us, support us financially to be able to live, and journey with us to be part of our community.

Thank you so much !

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