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Heart Essence Mantra

As you prepare to embark upon the Heart Essence Mantra of Chenrezig course, you are stepping into a realm of profound spiritual practice, where the sacred syllables of 'Om Mani Padme Hum' are not merely chanted, but deeply woven into the very fabric of your being. This course is designed to unfurl the petals of mindfulness and awareness within your heart, as you learn to embody the mantra with every breath and every movement.

Through the transformative power of this mantra, each day dawns with the promise of personal alchemy—a metamorphosis of spirit that can elevate the mundane to the miraculous. Your journey will be nurtured by a comprehensive guide that illuminates the path to integrating the mantra into the daily dance of life, allowing its essence to resonate in your actions, thoughts, and aspirations.

Your path of enlightenment through sound will be enriched with:

  • Two Hours of Video Tutorials: These carefully crafted sessions are more than instructional—they are gateways to understanding the rhythm and resonance of the mantra. Here, you will learn the delicate nuances of pronunciation and the profound meanings behind each sacred syllable.

  • Six Practice Session Audios: Among these are two studio recordings of exceptional quality, where the mantra is elevated through the purity of sound, creating an immersive experience. These audios serve as your personal mantra companions, guiding your practice and helping you to find the rhythm of your own voice within the chant.

  • Three Guided Meditation & Visualisation Practices: These sessions are crafted to transport you to a place of inner serenity and outer harmony. As you meditate and visualise, the mantra becomes a living force within you, an anchor in the swirling tides of the mind, guiding you to tranquillity.

  • Every Month 2 Live Group Classes: Your journey with the mantra is just beginning, and as a valued student, you will receive opportunities to deepen your practice with live in person session embedded in the course.

  • Membership to an Exclusive Sound Healing Community: This is where your individual practice becomes a shared experience. In this sanctuary, you are not alone; you are part of a symphony of souls, all resonating with the healing vibrations of the mantra. Here, wisdom is shared, experiences are exchanged, and support is abundant.


This course is not merely an education—it is an initiation into a living tradition, a sacred pact you make with the essence of Chenrezig, promising to carry the compassionate heart of the mantra within you. It is a commitment to transformation, not just for the self, but for all beings, as the mantra reverberates beyond the confines of your own practice, into the vastness of the universe.