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Distance Reiki Healing Session Purchase Agreement

This Purchase Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between The Mind Orchestra ("Provider") and the undersigned ("Client") on the date of acceptance. By accepting this Agreement, the Client agrees to engage the Provider for a Distance Reiki Healing Session subject to the terms outlined below:

1. Consent to Receive Reiki

The Client hereby gives permission for the Distance Reiki Healing Session to take place and consents to receive Reiki energy as facilitated by the Provider, who serves as a conduit and channel for this energy.

2. Nature of Reiki Sessions

The Client understands and accepts that:

  • The Provider does not actively intervene in the Reiki session; the life force Reiki energy, characterized as divine and of the highest good, operates independently to find and serve the recipient.
  • The Provider's role is purely as a conduit and channel for directing the Reiki energy, not as a healer who manipulates or otherwise intervenes directly in the Client’s energy field or consciousness.

3. Client Responsibilities

  • The Client accepts responsibility for their own consciousness and mental state during and after the Reiki session.
  • The Client acknowledges that they are not under the care of the Provider for medical or psychological conditions and that Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychological care.

4. Experience During Sessions

  • The Client acknowledges that perceptions and experiential responses to the Reiki session can vary widely. Some clients may have noticeable experiences including, but not limited to, physical sensations, emotional releases, or visualizations. Others may perceive nothing at all during their session.
  • Regardless of the Client's subjective experience, the Client accepts that the session is always at work and that the effectiveness of the Reiki session does not depend on the vividness or perceivability of the experience.

5. Satisfaction and Refund Policy

  • The Client acknowledges that not enjoying the feeling or experience, or the session not meeting expectations, is not a cause for refund or complaint. No refunds are offered once a session is purchased.
  • The Client accepts that the nature of Reiki sessions involves individual and varied responses and that these differences are part of the experience.

6. Release of Liability

  • The Provider is not responsible for any specific perceptual experiences or lack thereof that the Client may report during or after the session.
  • The Client releases the Provider from any claims, demands, or causes of action that may arise from the Reiki session.

7. Confirmation of Agreement

By purchasing the Distance Reiki Healing Session, the Client confirms their understanding and acceptance of these terms, agreeing that they enter into this Agreement voluntarily, with full knowledge of its effects.

Please confirm your acceptance of these terms by completing the purchase process. Your acceptance signifies that you understand and agree to the conditions stated within this Agreement.

Distance Remote Reiki Healing Session

Explore the effortless journey of self-transformation with our Distance Healing Reiki Healing Sessions. Each session, lasting approximately 30 minutes, invites you into a space of profound peace and healing, where the Reiki energy flows intuitively to where it's needed most in your body and spirit.

What you'll get:

  • Effortless Healing: Simply be in your chosen quiet space, and let the Reiki energy do the work. No active participation is required, making it ideal for anyone seeking relaxation without effort.
  • Personalised Session Duration: Enjoy the flexibility of sessions tailored in length from 15 to 30 minutes to fit your schedule and meet your specific healing needs.
  • Autonomous Energy Work: Reiki energy intuitively directs itself to the areas of your life and body that require healing, providing a unique, personalized experience in every session.

Preparing for Your Distance Reiki Session:

  • Duration & Setting: Your healing empowerment will last approximately30 minutes. Find a comfortable space in your home or nature where you can remain undisturbed.
  • State of Being: You may be awake or asleep; the energetic healing will transcend your state of consciousness.
  • Silence and Stillness: No audio or visual components are needed, nor do you need to perform any specific actions. The energy will navigate and connect with you naturally.

Additional Details:

  • As there is no need for video or audio, ensure you are in a comfortable setting where you can relax uninterrupted.
  • Results and experiences can vary, as the Reiki energy addresses the needs of your body and spirit in a deeply personal way.

Take the step towards a balanced and harmonized life. Book your session today and allow the transformative power of Reiki to flow to you, wherever you are.

On Purchasing your Session you will receive a welcome email inviting you to log in to your product and schedule your session at the time of your choosing (please check spam filters if needed)

Please ensure you have read fully the custom purchase agreement.