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7 Days of Mantra Practice

This Course is completely free of charge, and runs as a practice over the course of a week. Each of the seven days will teach you a new mantra and encourage you to learn and practice it.

The main focus of this 7 day course is on motivating you to directly experience in a short space of time, the immeasurable benefits to our entire life that working with mantras and sound healing can bring.

The course includes :

  • Instruction and demonstration on how to chant 7 powerful healing mantras.

  • Music and Practice recordings of the mantras for you to work with and listen for enjoyment.

  • Suggestions and optional tasks to help you integrate mantras into your everyday life.

This course provides a basic overview and explanation on the meanings of the mantras from my perspective, but the focus is just getting people to try it out for themselves and experiencing the transformative and healing power of mantras and sound healing as a whole.

This is not a course for learning in detail and full depth the specifics of Tibetan Buddhist practice and teachings, so it is ideal for beginners and relative newcomers to mantra and sound healing. Having said that more advanced practitioners may still derive benefit from the material.

I firmly feel that this course is very open to people of all faiths and cultures and you certainly do not need to be a Buddhist to engage with the material. The universal healing potential of sound goes beyond language and culture.