About Us

The Mind Orchestra

    • Nick Gent

    • Founder, Producer & Musician
    • themindorchestra@gmail.com
    • Cathy Blue Tuesday

    • Lyrics, Artwork, Harmonium & Vocals
    • Cathy an Original Member of the group had a massive involvement with the Mind Orchestra over many years. She is responsible for most of the lyrical co...  Read More
    • Daniele Silvestri

    • Drummer & Percussionist
    • daniele@danielesilvestri.eu
    • Daniele has been a Drummer for as long as he can remember. He started his professional career with music in the early 1980's playing with the award wi...  Read More
    • Mark Harris

    • Bass
    • Sarah Benthall

    • Visionary Artist, Musician
    • sarahbenthall@essentialnature.co.uk
    • Visit her Website for Original Art and Prints and Sacred Geometry
    • Abdollah Savarolia

    • Singer
    • A Master Vocalist of traditional and spiritual music from Gorgon, Iran.
    • Smokey Fennell

    • Pedal Steel Guitar
    • Kostas Trikalis

    • Bouzouki
    • He plays stringed traditional instruments. Kostas works as a teacher in a high school. For the last 25 years, I have been working as a pro musician. I...  Read More

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