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The Mind Orchestra on Patreon

Why did I join Patreon ?
I decided to join Patreon as a creator, so I can build and develop a community of fans and appreciators, that I can directly share and interact with. I love creating songs and sounds, and help healing people. I am excited at the opportunity to support my Son and I through my creative inspirations and for my fans to be a part of that journey with me.

What do you get for being a Patron ?
By becoming my Patron, you will be the first to see and hear what I make, before anyone else, before any official releases. I will be making and dreaming things up just for you. There will be bespoke creations no one else will have access too. Special rewards and content will be made available, sound healings, songs, unreleased mixes, videos, articles and all kinds of other media I conjure up. I will also be doing interviews with my collaborators, and sharing with you selected content that I make with them. You will get to experience our inner world of music and sound making, in the knowledge that you inspire us, support us financially to be able to live, and journey with us to be part of our community.

Thank you so much !

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“An Apple for the Androgyne” – a film Directed by Olga Guse

Beautiful short animated film by artist and Director Olga Guse. Androgyne is a symbol of man born physically or mentally between the two sexes. Throughout his life, he is torn between male and female, Adam and Eve inside and outside. Her film features our song from the debut album ”Devoured by the Comfort Zone”- Healing Transformation. We encourage you to check out and discover her work.

Screenings of her film still set for 2017 :

Luan Gallery exhibition
17th October – 11th December 2017,
Athlone, Ireland

Southwark LGBT Network art exhibition
July 2017
London, England

Visit her Website for more :

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Listen to our Debut Album on Spotify

Please join us on Spotify to hear and stream our releases. We also curate playlists of various genres we enjoy 🙂

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One Minute Healing Sessions

We started to create using old school video overdubing, and sound layering in 1 minute video format for our Instagram page – and by request we have begun to upload them as we make them to our YouTube channel. So stay tuned for fresh transmissions 🙂 Also we will begin to do some proper full length healing pieces for meditation and relaxation. They are all improvised and the sounds are played live with no looping. We have a lot of fun with these and we hope you enjoy the vibes !