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The Seven Swords of Manjushri Workshop

frequencies in sound healing mudra and mantra seven swords of manjushri sound healing alchemy Nov 09, 2021

This is a special one off  zoom based live workshop for working with the seven sounds and movements of this practice. Open to people of all levels of experience, this class does not require you subscribe to any ideology, spiritual belief system or religion. This is a dedicated practice using sound and movement to bring balance and transformation to all aspects of your being.

The Seven Swords of Manjushri practice visualises swords in a healing capacity for cutting through delusion and illusion, and sharpening the mind. This practice is about empowering and conjuring a unity of wisdom and compassion through dedicated seed syllable sounds and mudras.

In this class we will :

  • Learn the seven sounds
  • Learn the seven mudras or gestures
  • Learn a beautiful visualisation to accompany the practice
  • Receive the full transmission to permit the practice
  • Think about ways in which we can implement and engage with it.

Hope to see you there !

You can buy your tickets for the event below :)



Learn how about how you can use sound to heal and bring yourself into ever deepening togetherness

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