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Awen & The Flowing Treasures

Improvised polyphonic recitation of the Druid chant of the Awen from the forest stream of Dearbhanu in Devon UK. A simple raw honest field recording of the chant from beside a local forest stream in a cave. A way through using sacred syllables laden with intention but also freed from the constraints of grasping and striving – searching and finding. Allowing the self-arising clarity and inspirations to flow unhindered by the mind and heart. A relinquishing of attachment to retrieving the lost and perhaps more a remembering an active participation to that which is already there and abundant.

While inspiration is perhaps never continuous and more prone to a tidal coming and going like the breath of life – there is a wellspring from which we can always drink and discover new beautiful ways to learn from it. Any word can be used as a catalyst with sound and an intention set, but words which have been used and uttered by others many times with truth in their heart have a flavour that endures and continues the spiral in all directions.

Awen & The Flowing Treasures of Dearbhanu
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2 thoughts on “Awen & The Flowing Treasures

  1. Hello, Thank you for making this. The restorative effect of Awen was felt. By accident, I played this on two platforms at once, Spotify and Youtube. One was play was 45 seconds delayed over the other. Playing them together like a round had an interesting effect. Sharing the joy.

    1. lovely ! thank you for sharing this 🙂 I had never thought of doing that with the two tracks as they are different but wonderful so thanks. I do intend in the spring doing some riverside awen performances with drum and bells also.

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