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The 100 Most Useful but totally useless Inventions that should have been invented already but yet never will #1

Each week we will be bringing you a fresh invention that’s never been invented, yet should have been, but never will as its a dumb idea yet uniquely brilliant in its scope and efficacy. In no order of importance whatsoever we begin with :

#1 : ”The AI (artful intelligence) Dome Home Mosquito force shield”

Welcome to the ideal deterrent for unwanted flying visitors of the biting, itching and beastly kind….We bring you the AI Dome Home Shield. An intellectual force field shield that detects incoming mosquitoes and denies access to the home. It will even cover the home and garden respecting your boundaries in a non-triggering kind of way. Fully customisable and programmable, its data set is capable of letting multiple species that are friendly and good in to the garden, but saying no to the little biting itching blighters that peruse the home seeking to feast on your sanguine flow uninvited. Say no to the sleepless knights of violence, say hello to being able to use your garden past 6pm once again.

We also offer fully operational colour choices to go with your palette scheme, match your front door or dress, and cushions and we give the bonus free extra of the random mantra selector, that will utter a sacred tome with every denial so there are no hard feelings.

So choose your colour to suit your personality- your shield can be fluorescent pink or totally see through, comes with a two week lifetime guarantee and batteries not included under any circumstances at all. Program accepts all presently known species of flying brethren, and has our specially adapted deep learning curve technology to learn better than you ever will whats right for you in your sacred place of residence. Grab yours today don’t delay !

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