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David With Goliath on Subtle Sounds

All to often in the hussle and bustle of our everyday train, we spend and dedicate so much time to rushing. Faster and faster perpetual motion, juggling demands and trying often struggling to fit into the ”schedule” all we ”have to do”. There are many articles on Harmonics and vibration, thesis’s, papers, techniques and technical scientific research into the subject so I wanted to approach this from a subtle perspective. A flowing one, like a gentle memory. This piece is more about a perspective on listening and sound, and not so much on the specifics and techniques of my approach or any to achieving that – I will save that for subsequent articles on the matter.

Just like there is always more to learn about life, there is infinite learning and observation through sound. That delicate straddling of the micro/macro-cosm, the harmonious dance through existence and beyond.

The thing I like about zooming out or in is its simplifying. Expand out far enough and you’ll get so big you become the smallest or notice it simply, zoom in enough and you will see the large picture simply. That’s not of course to say we wont notice anything or that degree of scope by only performing these two infinite actions, but I find it to be a gentle way to straddle the balance of all there is sometimes.

”There is no object so large but that at a great distance from the eye it does not appear smaller than a smaller object near”. Leonardo da Vinci

Have you ever sat on the grass face-down and looked at the ground, or gazed into a pond ? When you took the time out of your-sized world, and observed you probably were amazed and blown away by how much motion, movement how much life is present that had you not slowed down, stopped and taken the time to notice you would have missed out on all this oneness. All the creatures, beings and therefore energies flowing all around you that you just hadn’t noticed until you focused your gaze. It is one and the same of course with sound. Since all is in a state of vibration this also means the sound of and from this life and all there is is constantly flowing around us.

I can remember as a child putting my ear to the ground and hearing the life, the busy noises of the living earth. That’s what I love about our world so much- its such a noisy, living breathing circle spinning through space. The joy of that discovery of noticing something magical beautiful that was there all along- like a full-stop. and comma all along. So it doesn’t matter if your interested in deep explorations of Sound or just want to hear the beauty of the world in finer greater detail, or perhaps just improve your communications with friends and family, or in my case all of the above – we can hear the fruits in-store for us 🙂

Leaving aside the literal details and precise religious meanings, here in this space I see David & Goliath as polarities, two aspects of ourselves that instead of fighting,  and killing each other, they are working as one unit – the small and the Large, the inner and outer worlds all part of the great Spiral. So we interviewed them to bring forward their understanding on subtle sound-work. David revealed to us the small micro-view, the essence of the reduced picture of simplicity- the ears as the eyes focused on the bindu point of perception. ” I find as im walking around, it helpful to think and feel the smaller things, you know right down to the tiniest rock, the tiniest smallness that we can find. When we synchronise the thought with the feeling with the ears, then we can develop our listening to the finer harmonics, the subtleness the suppleness of vibration” he said, Goliath nodded and stroked his elongated beard of massiveness adding ” Yes David, I agree – eye for one, tend to see things as the big picture- the hugeness of all and nothing, the great expanse of possibility and the nobility of its infinite refraction’s”. So here we have little and large agreeing on the same thing. David had one more thing to add with a beaming smile across his face before the close of this precious exchange ” we came here to fight and oppose each-other, me with my slings of outrageously placed and incorrectly perceived victimisation, and he with his loomingly massive bullying spear- but as we approached one another we realised there was no opposition – or need to fight. Here we realised there was a bridge in between, that spans the space between the space- here we can find our listening spot. The Sweet spot.

So using our imagination we can cast a illuminating view on where we choose, where we imagine to see and hear- like the hear-see. In an infinite ocean of sound waves in which we constantly swim, we can direct our sonar listening devices. We hear below and above and everywhere, like the all in all.

We are the collaborators, the dreamers the audience and performers of the Synphonia Universalis. This is what David & Goliath wanted to share with us, to remember our participation as listeners to the subtle energy, the subtle ripples of harmony. The way the ears can lead the mind.  The word harmony stems from the ancient greek word – Harmos meaning joint. The twain the two as one joint, the process toward and encompassing connected listening, as one limb of awareness.

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